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Monday, December 29, 2008

Tachyon Water, Love, Consciousness, and Crystal Grids

In the late fifties, Russian scientist, Nikolai Kozyrev proved that human thoughts and emotions relate to torsion fields. Torsion fields or vacuum domains are the equivalent of the electromagnetic imploding vortexes in the vacuum of space.

At Heart Math Institute, Daniel Winter has proven that e-motion is actually an implosion of electromagnetic energy from the heart and mind when coherence is reached between the EEG and the ECG. Feelings of love will harmonically entrain brain and heart waves by Golden Mean Ratio related frequencies in the frequency spectrum of the EEG and ECG. This will create an imploding vortex in the energy field around the person.

Human consciousness seems to have an effect on the clustering of the water molecules. This effect which creates Kozyrev’s conscious torsion field, may also explain why Masaru Emoto’s water crystals are influenced by thoughts and emotions. Masaru Emoto is a Japanese scientist who has proven that the formation of ice crystals from water samples can be altered by human intention.

It’s noteworthy that all of Masaru Emoto’s water samples that stem from natural and unpolluted water sources as well as those that have been administered positive human intentions, form ice crystals with a hexagonal core. It’s only from pure, natural spring water or water that has been treated with love that these beautiful hexagonal ice crystals can be created. In all other cases, the ice crystals are chaotic.

Masaru Emoto research on this hexagonal or icosahedral structured water has shown that this water has abilities to transfer what he has coined ‘Hado’ or the vital energy of the universe. Hado is the Japanese term for Orgone, Prana, Chi, etc. Masaru Emoto’s research acknowledges the abilities of water to act as a superconductor for this cosmic energy once the water itself gets structured. Masaru Emoto’s research has shown that:

  • Hexagonal structured water appears in natural clean water sources
  • Ordinary water such as tap water can be changed into hexagonal structured water by positive and loving human intentions.
  • Hexagonal structured water can be artificially created using scalar waves or torsion fields.
That's why dropping a few tachyon cubes into water creates super-structured water that neutralizes potentially harmful contaminants, and creates beautifully clear, refreshing and great tasting water! To use tachyon cubes, place one or two cubes into a pitcher of pure water for at least 11 minutes. I use this charged water for drinking, making tea, cooking, making elixirs, and watering medicinal herbs and organic veggies.

Using Tachyon water stimulates your immune system, cleanses and detoxifiess the body, enhances blood and chi circulation, and supports natural healing.

There is a Dutch psychic by the name of Woutje Winkler-Prins who’s been paranormally receiving information from her spirit guides about geometrical forms that impose ‘healing faculties’ on water. She’s been creating her ‘structured water’ using geometrical forms drawn on paper, and the latest geometrical form that she has been using to create her Donave trademark water is this:

. .
Woutje’s geometrical form icosahedral super water cluster

Its seems that modern science is catching up to what the ancients taught about sacred geometry and crystal gridding, and that information and ancient technology is becoming more accessible through our collective consciousness. As the world's clean water supply becomes an increasingly precious commodity, I pray we will share it freely with each other. For more information about Dr. Emoto’s hexagonal water, visit http://www.hado.net/indigo_water.html.

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