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Monday, February 16, 2009

5th Annual Bimini Road Trip Sold Out!

Over the past five years I have come to know, beyond any doubt, that dolphins play a vital role in reminding humans of our connection with the Divine. They express the qualities to which we all aspire... unconditional love, joy, playfulness, a strong sense of community, creativity, and the ability to heal ourselves and others. Although there are no longer any open appointments for remote dolphin sessions or the group grid meditations, I urge you to take a moment in your own meditations and tap into the flowing energy that I will be channeling to all of my customers, friends, and collegues from the ancient whurla sites over the next few weeks. We'll be sending joyful, dolphin healing smiles your way!

While I’m away, the Oshun Spirit online venues will remain open. Please note that my assistant will ship on Fridays only (February 20 and 27). To thank you for your patience and patronage, please use coupon code DOLPHIN at checkout at our Bonanzle storefront and on our website, Oshun Spirit Earth Friendly Goods save 30% on your purchases thru March 5!

I will have internet access most days, so I’ll be checking in, and I’ll be back in my office Thursday, March 5 to resume our normal daily shipping and appointment schedule!


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