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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Celebrating the Dancing Spirit of a Fabulous Woman, Lillie

"I am Oshun, the honey-sweet voice of the waters.
I am the flowing of a woman's skirts as she dances her life."

She is your mother, sister, daughter, employee, employer, mentor, teacher, or best friend... she is a fabulous woman!

To celebrate Valentine's Day, we wanted to honor, and celebrate the amazing abilities of simply fabulous women to "encourage, entertain, enlighten, empower, and educate" even in the face of adversity and in the midst of these most difficult times. So we had a contest! Over twenty five readers responded and wrote thoughtful, wonderful, entries about fabulous women who would appreciate a special Bonanzle Valentine Gift Box from Oshun Spirit.

Oshun, the Yoruban Goddess of love, delights in the creation of beauty and art. She is the Goddess of passion, and sensuality, as well as abundance, and prosperity. Oshun teaches us how to overcome our difficulties through kindness, compassion, and the restoration of harmony. The winner’s story embodies the Spirit of Oshun.

The winner is Lillie, who is 94 years of age.

In reading the entry it became apparent that Lillie is clever and talented, generous and loving, kind, compassionate, a bright light with a dancing spirit. Our panel of three unanimously agreed that Lillie best exemplified the Spirit of Oshun, and although through her life of good deeds she met every criteria by which the entries were judged, it was this passage that especially conveyed that spirit:

"She invites everyone she meets, no matter where, or who, to her house for a cup of coffee... Many have taken her up on that offer, and always return, even from great distances when passing by her town... they go out of their way to find her house..."

Lillie is approachable. Some people are. They've got good vibes, and you feel easy, and comfortable in their company. They are magnetic, we want to talk to them and be with them, we are drawn to them. They are attractive (regardless of their looks) and know how to respond to people, take care of them, show interest and warmth... and, what's more, they can do this before they even speak. Women like this teach us, through example, how to overcome our difficulties through kindness, compassion, and the restoration of harmony. They embody Oshun's Spirit.

What is "it" that someone "has" that other people feel good to be around and want to get to know? How is it that this person so easily makes friends, guides and influences people to be the best they can be? What can we do to be more like that?

Maybe we don't have to do anything. Maybe it's not so much about all the "doing" at all (although Lillie certainly does a lot), maybe its about simply "being". It is simply about being open to love. Being Love.

We all had fun! Lillie had no idea where the box of goodies came from, and wrapped up in her new rose-colored throw she described all of the lovely things over the phone to her daughter, Nina, who entered our contest. Nina finally admitted to her part in the surprise, and later let us know that Lillie did not know what on Earth she had done to deserve the box of goodies.

"She was laughing and talking quite spiritedly during our conversation, and enjoying everything about it!"

Well, thats what its all about! Its a divine circle. The love you give comes back to you, when you least expect it, in the most unusual ways... if you are open to the miracle of love. Love is always looking for you, just waiting for an opportunity to wrap you in a rose-colored blanket of warmth, comfort, and pure joy. It's true!

Lillie gives love, is love, and is magnetic to love. And we are honored to send her love in return.
Happy Valentines Day, Lillie, and thank you for being... open to love.