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Friday, February 13, 2009

Dolphin Healing Schedule for 5th Annual Bimini Road Trip

I'm packed and ready to go! This marks the fifth year I have met with healers from around the world to offer Songline Healings from the sacred whurla, powerful healing vortices under the sea which are carefully maintained by dolphins. It is amazing that since I have confirmed my schedule I am already experiencing a continuous resonance with the whurla energies.

Whurla are areas on the sea floor that radiate a specific earth energy. This energy creates interesting parabolic frequencies within the dolphin's holographic-field brains. The dolphins routinely energize these sites by creating spiraling patterns in the sand with their own body movements. The created frequency/space maintains, adjusts and evolves the flow of Zero Point Energy through the Earth's Crystalline Grid, much like the Stellar Gateway and Soul Star Chakras do in our own auras!

Dolphins are master healers and keepers of light upon Earth. They are highly evolved omni-dimensional beings who live fully immersed in the Zero Point Consciousness. They are here to help us and love us, and to guide us in our remembrance of our true selves. Dolphins live in the Oneness, and they serve as a bridge to All That Is. The dolphins' influence transcends time, space and physicality. It is not necessary to be in their presence to be healed by them and to receive their gifts, although that is an experience everyone should enjoy!

During Dolphin Healing Sessions, you and your Divine Self co-create your experience with the energy and consciousness of the Dolphins. You set the intention for what you would like to receive from the session, and I hold the space for the transmission to occur. I serve as a channel through which the dolphin love energies may flow to you. I do not manipulate the energy in any way. If you are clear in your intention to release any and all limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you; and if you are open and willing to receive the higher vibrational frequencies support joy, creativity, and planetary well-being, you will benefit immensely from a Dolphin Healing. As is true with all dolphin-assisted therapies, each session is different, the healing process is cleansing and revealing of what's real and true for your own soul's evolution today.

You will experience a deep release of low level energies to facilitate the highest level of awakening at your current reality. During the healings we are accessing and then anchoring Zero Point energies through your Etheric Heart and Earth Star Chakras (in the sixth and seventh auric layers) into the Gaia Crystal. The dispersement of these seed energies opens the possibility that a new paradigm of healing and co-creation may occur first within each of us, and then in our world. Please note that this body of work is NOT Reiki, and should not be confused in any way with Dolphin Trilogy Reiki or any other system of dolphin healing.

The opening of the Etheric Heart and Earth Star Soul Star Chakra Activations are suggested as a pre-requisite to this experience, so you will be better able to manage, maintain and PLAY with the miraculous, high frequency energy that travels along the Dolphin Songlines.

There will be a Sunrise Salutation and Grid Healing for the Earth with the New Vision Attunement on Friday, February 20 from Andros. You may reserve your place in the grid thru the Bonanzle New Vision Etheric Crystalline Grid Healing Attunement listing on a first come first served basis thru Thursday, February 19. This session is recommended for Lightworkers and those working professionally in the healing arts and in humanitarian programs and services.

I will facilitate a Group Grid Healing from the Andros ley lines on February 21 Sunset. You may reserve your place in the grid thru the ebay or Bonanzle listing. This is a great opportunity for those who enjoy group grid work to experience this modality in combination with Dolphin energies.

Private Healing Sessions will be held from Andros ley lines Feb 21 and 22 at Sunrise
and from Bimini Road sites at Sunrise and Sunset February 27, 28, March 1 and March 2
These are sold out.

While I'm away studying with dolphins... Oshun Spirit e-commerce venues including our website, ebay, and Bonanzle storefronts will remain open and active. Please note that my assistant will ship on Fridays only, February 20 and 27, while I am away. To thank you for your patience and patronage, please use coupon code DOLPHIN at checkout and save 30% on your Bonanzle and website purchases thru March 5! I will have internet access most days, so I'll be checking in and I'll be back in my office Thursday, March 5 to resume our normal daily shipping and appointment schedule!

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