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Monday, February 23, 2009

Dolphin Day Dreams from the Andros Ley Lines

The collective consciousness of the dolphins is multidimensional, interplanetary and highly sophisticated. This vibration is different from any other consciousness on earth. I have found that this energy is the clearest and most supportive to our human consciousness. The healing energy of the dolphins is very soothing and pure. On Earth, they remain among the most powerful collective consciousnesses, as yet unaffected by human influences. Connecting with them is a profoundly transformational experience. Whether I make the connection by submerging myself in the sea, or I do it through meditation and prayer, I am, each time, changed by their presence in my life.

As we have our physical ears, eyes and body, so too do we have ears, eyes and bodies that are just as real in other dimensions. These other bodies allow us to sense, feel, navigate and unify all parts of our earthly and Divine selves, so that we may truly become a living temple for Spirit to live in. In practice, dolphins are using these bodies holographicly and modelling how to unite the mind, body and spirit in loving wisdom and power and move fluidly from one to the other without judgment or fear, creating in multiple dimensions, not just in one or two.

Dolphins are transmitters of ancient wisdom and planetary ascension energies. Their energies and consciousness can easily be received through shamanic methods, because they are eager to fulfill their own souls purpose, to make contact, and share. Being in the water with them is unnecessary to make the heart/telepathic connection, although swimming with them is awesome!

To facilitate our connection, it is only necessary to forgive ourselves and our ancestors, for within our DNA we hold many memories and we have spent way too much energy attempting to repress them. At the whurla sites the veils are very thin between dimensions, and the ancestors (spirit guides) are as close as a whisper. A simple prayer of thanksgiving and gratitude is all that is needed to merge dimensionally and access the ancient knowledge in these sacred places.

The messages are crystal clear, this special moment of time, the most spectacular awakening in consciousness that has ever occurred on this planet. There is a divine thread which links all existence with all others in the unified field of pure consciousness, we live in a communicating universe! Dolphins make their energies available to allow anyone who has the desire to go beyond normal boundaries and be lifted up into their frequency.

Each year, the dolphin meditations draw together a worldwide community of individuals and groups desiring harmony, peaceful co-existence, and unity and who wish to merge with dolphin consciousness to ignificantly increase their personal vibrations. The meditations also raise the vibration of all the water on the planet including the water inside our bodies. Yes, this miraculous moment in time is the most spectacular awakening in consciousness that has ever occurred on this planet and ther multidimensional support has never been more readily accessisible en masse.

May the dolphins bless you with their many gifts of wisdom, love, healing, and expanded vision.
May you recognize your Divine self, so that we may truly become a living temple for Spirit.
May you forgive the past, embrace oneness consciousness, and live eternally in love.


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