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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Choosing Reflection over Reaction: Tools for Transformation

We are living in challenging times. Yes, times they are a changin'! Human beings are tranforming, whether we want to, like it, or not. Our global economy, climate change, their politics, our politics... the call for compassion, sustainability, human rights...

We Lightworkers have actively been working toward this moment for several decades, and now en masse, humanity's (panicky) collective consciousness is seeking ways to become pro-active rather than reactive to the changes in our lives lest we become totally freaked out!

Recently a client asked me how to best remain calm, focused, and relaxed in the midst of her financial life, relationship life, and spiritual life all in obvious transistions. As we talked, it became obvious that there's really one good answer. Reflect before you act. Expect and respect the unexpected. And, say  "thank you", no matter what.

I approach each day with the attitude that there’s going to be at least one aha moment that will challenge my beliefs or behavior, an important lesson, and probably plenty of teachable moments coming. So I look for them and welcome them as interesting oppportunities for discovery rather than fear or dread them as negative, embarrasing, or stressful.

I also feed my capacity for creativity and innovation by participating in inspiring moments and things I find JOY in doing. I find time to indulge in things that provide sustenance to my  creative soul and curious mind. And, I don't feel guilty about it.  I value play’s ability to keep my mind sharp, agile and open to unpredictable moments. The beauty of play is that the lessons I learned in childhood bubble up and remain valuable in every aspect of my life – communication, problem-solving, ingenuity, innovation, resourcefulness, and creativity – all useful skills to enhance my human potential to be calm, compassionate, and courageous in any given moment.

I believe that good, personal health habits are a must. I eat right, drink plenty of water, get the rest I need when I need it, and I find time to both meditate and walk at least an hour a day. It is a priority. Obstacles can become opportunities when approached with imagination, innovation, and a healthy body, mind and spirit.  A healthy lifestyle ensures that you possess the energy as well as the ability to overcome all things. Yes, we are what we eat. And, we are who we think we are.

You also need a daily commitment, passion, intention, discipline, honest and real effort, patience and belief that your soul's work will be rewarded in time. You gotta trust the process and be committed to your dream even when unexpected change happens. Pray, meditate, then get over it, turn the page. Release it to the Universe. Stop obsessing.

If that sounds unsympathetic, well I guess it may be. But no one serves themselves or anyone else a heaping helping of love and light by playing the victim. Remember: You have the capacity to be tremendously resilient. You possess an ability to be resourceful, creative, healthy, and joyful.
Just say, "thank you."
No matter what...

May you be blessed!

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  1. "Health is wealth" is very much known to all and everyone wants good health. That means no one wants to leave this wealth. So, Let us build a food habit discipline, keep pace with work, rest and or ex