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Thursday, February 4, 2010

SAD? Brighten your Spirit and Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder with Color!

Learning about and using color's qualities and properties can enhance your spirit, improve your health, and even expand your consciousness. Known as chromo therapy, color therapy, is used to restore balance wherever our bodies are lacking energy, be it in physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental bodies, or in the auric field that is an energy field that surrounds you. I have long used crystal healing and colored light therapy in conjunction with Reiki during my sessions with clients, and I work with color during my own personal meditations.

Add positive affirmations to light, and you've created a very powerful tool to create and maintain balance in your life!

In each layer of your aura there are different colors that may be used for clearing and re-balancing your energy field. A skilled practitioner does an aura scan or aura reading to determine the health and wellbeing of your spirit– which in turn influences your mind, emotions and physical health. (This can be done over distance as effectively as in person.) When the spirit is is harmony, there is an opening in clearing and healing all aspects of your life.

Color is simply a form of visible light, of electromagnetic energy. Light is the visible reflection off the particles in the atmosphere. Color makes up a band of these light wave frequencies from red at 1/33,000th's of an inch wavelength to violet at 1/67,000 of an inch wavelength. Below red lie infrared and radio waves. Above it: the invisible ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma rays. We all understand the impact of ultraviolet and x-rays... so of course the light we are able to see as color impacts us as well.

How we "feel" about color is more than psychological. The last decade has proven that lack of color, or more specifically, light, causes millions to suffer each winter from a mild depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Because of the complex way in which exposure to various colors acts via the brain upon the autonomic nervous system, exposure to a specific color can even alter physiological measurements such as blood pressure, electrical skin resistance and glandular functions in your body. And they most certainly can affect how we feel on a day-to-day basis.

Wearing faceted crystal beads is an easy and effective way to flood the aura with healing light and color frequencies. Please visit the Journey Beads storefront on Bonanzle
and the informational thread which includes a basic color therapy guide. Of course, I am happy to help you create a piece of jewelry or touchstone strand which will be perfectly suited to your wellness goals.

May you be blessed!


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