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Sunday, February 28, 2010

True Colors: Reading the Energy Flows of the Auric Field

When I look at you I see colors. It does not matter if I look at you across the table, or at a photo of your past self. I see what is your true self, now, in living color.  Why? I am looking at your auric field.

Your aura is an energetic field that surrounds and penetrates your physical body and helps to supply your physical body with Universal Life Force Energy. And it helps me to see what work you need to do to be a happy, healthy human!

It is normal, and common, for clairvoyants and healers to "see and read" colors in the energy field around a person. The human aura consists of layers of energy which are vibrating at different rates,  manifesting as different color frequencies. I can sense these with my hands as well, and read the colors thru temperature and density impressions. I am able to both see and feel the flow of Life Force in these layers.

The Etheric level is the most dense vibration. It  holds together your physical incarnation. It is the slowest vibration of seven layers I will describe.  This layer is the blue print of your physical body. You will still experience feeling here if you lose a finger or a limb, known as phantom limb syndrome, because on the etheric level your body is still whole.  This level is also connected to our physical senses including touch, tasting, smell, listening, seeing, and feeling. If energy is weak or damaged on this level, they may experience a physical weakness or early symptoms of disease. You may not function well, have low energy, and dislike physical activity. You may love to eat, but hate to be touched. If this level of your aura is strong and balanced, then you will enjoy physical sensory experiences in balanced and healthy ways. 

The second level of the aura is associated with your feelings and emotions about yourself, and is known as the lower emotional body.  The energy movement here correlates to the feeling you are having about yourself.  If you allow your feelings to flow whether positive or negative, the aura will keep itself balanced, the negative energy being released and transformed.

If you stop yourself experiencing your emotions, or block them with judgement or conditional approval,  then you will stop that flow of energy on the second level connected to the emotions.

The third level of the aura is associated with our logical, conditioned mind and is known as the lower mental body.  When this level is balanced the rational and intuitive mind work together in harmony as one. We then experience clarity, balance, and a sense of knowing.  We feel self accepting, safe and have a sense of personal power. If this level is strong and charged you will have a strong clear mind that serves you well. You will be interested in learning, growing, and embrace change and challenge.

If this level is weak and undercharged, you will lack mental agility and clarity.  You will probably not be interested in intellectual pursuits and be happy to sit with judgements born of outdated beliefs and ideas.  When your thoughts are negative in this level, the energy will travel slower and become darker and distorted. Negative thought forms correspond to our habitual negative thought processes.  They are difficult to change, because they appear to be logical. You will react from a place of fear when challenged.

These negative thought forms can also be affected by stagnated emotions from the second and fourth levels of the aura. The natural state of energy is to be in constant motion, and when this motion is restricted in some way on different levels, any level in between will eventually be affected. When we stop the energy flow on the second and fourth levels the third level energy becomes distorted also. This is a common human condition in today's world, as we struggle to move to a more heart-centered way of relating.

The first three levels of the aura represent the physical, emotional and mental experiences of our world in the physical body. The fourth level of relationships represents the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. The higher three levels represent our physical, emotional and mental experiences of our spiritual world.  These are templates for the lower chakras, each higher level serves as a pattern for the corresponding lower levels.

The fourth level of the aura carries our whole world of relationships and is known as the astral body.  From this level we interact with other people, animals, plants, and inanimate objects, Mother Earth, the sun, stars and entire universe.

This is where we hold our feelings about each other.  If I find this level low in energy, it will appear very dark, and will have almost a sticky like feeling to the energy.  This acts like a mucus which will accumulate in the energy field of someone who has a lot of negativity in their aura.  This in turn will have a strong affect on the physical body, causing pain and discomfort, a feeling of heaviness, exhaustion and eventually dis-ease. It can stores toxin much like fat does in a stagnant physical body.

The Fifth level is the level of divine will.  This level contains not only the form of your body, but the form of all other life, the unfolding evolutionary pattern of life that manifests into pattern and form.  The personal experience at this level is not easy to explain, because we lack the vocabulary to describe it.  This Divine Will exists within us all, and is all around us.  You have free will to either align yourself to this divine will or not.

Divine will is the template or pattern for the great evolutionary plan of humanity and the universe.  This template is alive, pulsating and constantly unfolding.  It has a powerful almost inexorable feeling of will and purpose.  To experience it is to experience perfect order.  This is also the level of symbols, and keys to unlocking our potential as co-creators. If you are aligned with the divine will your fifth level will be strong and full of energy.  The patterns within your energy will fit the universal pattern of divine will, you will feel a connectedness with all that is around you, because you will be in your place with your purpose, and synchronized with all places and purposes.You will magnetize all that you desire for your highest good to you as a wise steward of those resources.

If you are not aligned with divine will, the energy on this level will be distorted, it will not fit with the greater Universal pattern.  You may feel totally disconnected to all things that are around you. You will not know your place in the Universal scheme of things or your life purpose. Life will seem a struggle. If you have doubts about your self worth you may experience the fifth level as impersonal and unloving, because on this level your purpose, not your feelings are more important.

If you have negative feelings about yourself as your bring your conscious awareness to this level, you may experience yourself as insignificant, invisible and unimportant.  If this level is weak, there may be a lot of disorder in your life. If this level is weak with low energy, you will not have many spiritual or inspirational experiences. You may be totally unaware of what people are talking about when they discuss it. It is as if sleeping while awake. When this level is under charged it is very difficult for the person to experience anything regarding spiritual nourishment. 

This will cause the sixth level to be undercharged, as the individual does not know that he or she needs spiritual nourishment. In fact it may cause the aura to have a gap between this level and the others, creating a disharmony in the aura. You can begin to charge this level of the aura by simply sitting quietly in meditation for a few minutes a few times a day.

The Sixth level is the level of feelings within the world of spirit; it is the level of our divine love.  Sitting in this level of conscious awareness brings a great calming effect to the body for healing and creation.  It contains the ecstasy within our spirituality.  It is experienced as spiritual love, as joy, elation and bliss! We reach this level of experience by silencing the mind and listening for spirit's whispers. 

Contemplation of this level and meditation on the great evolutionary plan can help greatly to align your life with its purpose and ease the stresses of your personal development.  It means surrendering to who you truly are, and not to what seems right according to others.

You reach into this level through meditation, through the contemplation of art, fine music, by chanting, traditional ritual, or compassionate acts.  Expansion  allows us to commune in brotherhood with all the beings of the spiritual worlds of various dimensions as well as all of humanity, plants and the animals on Earth as light beams emanating from the central light.

The Seventh level is the highest vibration within our immediate energy field. It is made up of an extremely strong golden energy, which forms into an egg shape that surrounds and protects everything within it.  It regulates the proper flow of energy out from the entire aura into space and beyond.  It prevents energy leakage from the aura, as well as penetration by unhealthy energies from outside.  The seventh level holds the entire field together and has amazing strength. This is the barometer that is opened in the Soul Star Earth Star Activation.

This is the level of the divine mind. When it is healthy and we bring our conscious awareness to this level, we experience divine mind within us and enter into the world of the universal Divine Mind Field.  Here we begin to understand and know that we are a great part of the great pattern of life.

It is at this level that at we will start to communicate mind to mind, and heart to heart as perfectly normal.  If this level is strong, charged and healthy, your abilities will include creative ideas  and the understanding of broad overall concepts about existence, the world and its nature.  You will create new ideas and you will know where they fit into the creative field.

If you continually search for higher truth in your life and meditate, all levels of your energy body will bring you creative ideas that may blossom into manifestation on the physical plane.  This includes your health and a full life.  But it is necessary to clear, charge and balance all of the bodies and therefore all the areas of the human experience.  Energy healing focuses on all seven levels of the aura, to start to create that perfect balance within you, and within us all. Heaven on Earth is within us all.

May you be blessed!

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