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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spinning your wheels? Lightworkers your lightbodies are processing!

I recently taught a workshop in which participants worked through some of the challenges which naturally occur as the physical body and the lightbody become one unified field. Although this group of energetically powerful beings generally posess auras filled with white light and their chakras whirl along in the correct “spin ratios” to produce that white light, and while they are more than ready, willing and able to create miracles of the heart, they have a problem:
Their Lightbodies have been activated.
And it feels bad, not good.
It is in this transitional phase that many adepts find themselves in now after decades of study and meditation, as their Lightbodies are being re-wired and activated. And although the higher self allows the transformation at a pace with which a person can cope safely, it does not always prevent the person from suffering the side effects of electrical imbalances.

And the one side effect most reported and most uncomfortable is this: nothing at all.

It can be frustrating to reach this place of full calibration because  there is a pause – a moment in time and space when nothing seems to happen for a very long time. This is a void, the womb-like space in which you integrate all the new aspects of self and birth your new persona or energy as a being of light. 

Great patience is required as our inner vibrations increase and the outer vibrations seem to slow down. Many people experience this as feeling exhausted, drained, and uninspired even as they are spinning that white light.

My own experience with this increased “spin” is that it is absolutely essential that you be able to stay grounded and hold your chakra system in balance. Otherwise, you will experience the power surges and drops that may leave you unable or unwilling to function "normally" in the daily arena of your life. This means disciplined habits which includes good nutrition, excercise, creating/building/doing, and and spending as much time as possible in the natural world. Ground with Hematite, bathe in Bokek and Himilayan salts. Connect with animals. Plant a garden. Raise a child.

If you are ungrounded, when the power increases you are likely to lose your “connection” with material reality and become focused into the higher dimensions. When this happened to many of us in the 90's we had a most wonderful time journeying higher and higher, until we realized that if we did not “ground” soon, we would be leaving the planet. And when we did that grounding work, we soon reached higher states of awareness and accessed energies which were previously unavailable. And so we spiral around again. Again?

Yes. We learned it was essential that we ground our energy into the material plane to hold the balance for the higher chakras and worked and focused on the root, sacral and solar plexus energies. And we must do that again. There is that tendency in the Lightworker community to focus on the spirit and ignore the human aspect of what we are actually accomplishing – the creation the the new Earth called Heaven...

This means that each of us awakening to self actualization must be totally grounded and at ease with our material reality, even in these challenging times. Abundance is a reality and a right and the natural result of a fully- functioning root chakra. What we need is drawn into our lives at any given moment, there is no lack or struggle. The current world conditions are our final exams. But...

The awakened being must also completely free of emotional dramas. The fully active sacral chakra maintains that the being has moved beyond sin, karma, and duality, etc., to a place of total acceptance and inner peace with All That Is.  Enlightened beings create peace because they know that Earth is a gentle and loving place, supported by the Love of All That Is, and that emotional dramas and violence are “games of illusion.” And...

Illusion is controlled by the solar plexus energy of the mind. For most participants, this was the most difficult step, as the ego mind resists being “spun off” as the solar plexus reaches its full spin velocity and is in resonance with the heart and upper chakras. At full power, the mind becomes what it was meant to be, a part of the whole and not the dominant energy of humanity. When the essential grounding is in place, the heart chakra can function as the “center” of the being, giving access to the higher dimensions of consciousness.

In the meantime we are many in this void space. But it is here that I will and you will encounter ourselves and embrace our divinity and you will release the fears and insecurities of your lower being. We will discover that we are, and always were, safe and protected.

We will discover the love and the peace within us and we will spin into white light!
We are processing...


May you be blessed!

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