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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Announcing Oshun Spirit at Addoway.com

I'm pleased to announce our newest storefront at Addoway.com  I'm really liking the vibe at this new marketplace, I think they call it  "Know and Trust."

The premise is that because you probably don't like shopping from strangers with an unknown reputation,  Addoway has created a unique fusion of social media and ecommerce, where buyers can connect with sellers they already know,  their friends, and the people they know online and who embrace the concepts of openness and transparency in their business model. 

"Know and Trust." In the Addoway marketplace, you are able  to discover great people to "buy, sell, bargain and trade with", because links to all of their selling sites, blogs, social media ids, feedback from other marketplaces, etc. are right there for you to explore before you make your buying decision.

The feature that I really like is "Display testimonials from Friends."

The feature prompts me (the seller) to... "Ask your real friends on Facebook to give you a testimonial and show buyers how much your friends trust you. Display testimonials from your real Facebook friends on your Addoway profile, giving buyers more confidence that they are dealing with a trustworthy seller with real friends who are willing to endorse them."

I know that in the six years that I've been selling online, it is referrals from you, my customer friends, which mean the most to new clients. Your good word  helps me to extend the scope of my services, and your feedback is the inspiration in expanding my product line in meaningful and practical ways. Thank you, so very much!

One more cool thing about Addoway: Because it is free for me to list and does not charge a fee on sold items like most marketplaces, I can use the venue to offer special values,  product lines for less, and blow-out clearance sales.  I'll be offering some super deals in the next few days so be sure to stop by and visit while I'm filling up the store. 

And while you're around, I ask you to take a moment  and please leave a product or service specific testimonial by clicking on the link provided (Connect with Facebook). Share your shopping experiences at Oshun Spirit, or leave a remark about metaphysical or healing services you have enjoyed. In doing so, you'll be helping others make informed choices based on real experience, from a real person. 

 "Know,  Trust, and be Well!"

Once again, I thank you for your continued patronage and support.  I'll see you at Addoway!


  1. Thank you Susan for taking the time to write something like this about us. :)

    Thank you for your support

  2. Thanx for stopping by Frederick. I love the blog + video capability right on my profile. That means I'll be able to keep my descriptions lean yet all support info is right there should the customer want to explore. Brilliant!

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  4. Hey fellow sellers! You can post unlimited listings on Addoway with no listing fees, and no final sale fees when your items sell.

    Because Addoway has chosen to avoid the transaction-based business model that most online marketplaces use, instead offering membership levels for added exposure and perks as their source of revenue, they aren’t concerned about ensuring that all purchases are made inside the Addoway marketplace.

    So you can can promote your own website, your storefronts on other venues using Addoway as a one-stop portal to drive traffic to your entire online presence in addition to selling directly on Addoway. Now how cool is that!