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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Letting in the Light

I was recently engaged in an open conversation where my viewpoint and expression of it was deemed worthy of censure. My viewpoint was shared by many like-minded individuals in the group. But I was singled out for silence.

My voice might have resonated with more conviction, perhaps I spoke more eloquently than the others, I don't know. But what I do know is that I was speaking my truth, from my heart, without fear, for the highest good, and in the bright light of my life's purpose as a teacher/healer.

Censorship is defined as the “suppression of ideas and information that certain persons... find objectionable or dangerous.” It is applied by those vested with an agenda and with the authority to decide what is objectionable and dangerous in a given venue. Of course, the thinking person immediately asks the question, “who are we really protecting via the suppression of ideas?" How can a lack of information and abundance of one-sided information actually assist anyone in mastering an understanding of their choices, behaviors, and their impact in the world?

Repression of speech has historically been a reliable tool in squelching dissent. But today, the cosmic energetic patterns in the Universe which are anchoring on Earth support only light – including the protection of the freedom of expression of that light. Any idea, endeavor, or system which excludes transparency and seeks to manipulate information through fear-based action will not, and simply cannot exist in these patterns.

"Light makes the dark afraid."

I was just a young woman when a Master told me this was the real issue here on Earth. I couldn't grasp it for many years... why would anyone be afraid of light? But experience is a great teacher.

Over the years I have learned to see all darkness (including cruelty, manipulation, arrogance, irresponsible behavior) as an opportunity for me to shine my light in creative, energetic ways should I be called to do so. Because I have the support of a huge global family that is awakening to this energy at this time, I find myself in many opportunities to be of service. Believe me, I don't usually consciously choose to find myself in these situations. I prefer a peaceful, uncomplicated life. Most times I just get plopped into them. It's not always pleasant, but there are always brighter possibilities vying for manifestation and I usually see them.

In visualizing and listening to the possibilities, I can choose to take the position that the projected fear is a beautiful opportunity for understanding. I can choose to lend my voice to light. It matters not if I am passively ignored, applauded, exhaulted, or violently attacked. I'm simply anchoring a creative energy seeking expression through me. Do with it what you will. It's your life, your journey. Your choice, your lesson. I'm just a channel, one of many.

My spirit is having a rich human experience that includes integrating light and dark. It includes sadness, disappointment, and the need for great patience. But it also includes the magic of finding the beauty in the darkness! Humans in general try to avoid sadness, difficulties, and dark energies. But as an artist and observer, I can appreciate that most of the beauty I see comes from the shadows hitting light in a certain way. Finding the beauty in the darkness is the perfect metaphor to dissolving the need for duality as a learning tool.

So Light one, if you find yourself in an opportunity to BE light, remember that we have placed ourselves in key positions all over the world to be "there" at the right time with the right energy. The time is right and NOW to look at any darkness for all the beauty that it holds. Look at those restrictions, those negativities, the frustrations, and see them as opportunities to anchor light.

We are here as spirits to integrate a base of experience and that includes light and dark, failure and success, trial and error, courage, and love. But remember, those are only labels that you and I place upon our journeys as we move forward. The parts of this life you will remember eternally are how you found beauty in the darkness, and how you found your part in the world, and how you shared with others. That is the piece I came to do, you came to do, and I tell you now is the time.

Never be afraid to speak up if you find yourself in the spotlight. Bless the darkness for the opportunity. Experience, think, feel, and express yourself from the place of truth. The universe does not define truth as objectionable, dramatic or dangerous.

May you be blessed!

Image Credit: Light Door, Hayri Caliskan

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