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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grounding the Lightbody as Part of the Ascension Process

As we raise our vibrations in preparation for creating the much needed and highly prophecised New Earth Reality, each of us are experiencing and integrating the natural shifts of our evolution in unique ways according to our spiritual understanding and karmic influences. We are in a process known as Ascension.

I hear from many people who have been expressing difficulty with feelings of being disconnected from their bodies, life, and other people. Many awakened people are experiencing very little joy and little ability to manifest in the physical. There are wondrous and beautiful changes are occurring on our planet and within our physical bodies just as there are also many systems and ways of being that are collapsing and nearing extinction. It is natural to grieve over losses even as we are celebrating new possibilities. But beyond that, there is also a real energetic disconnect happening which is resulting in a complete paralysis of the spirit. I'd like to address this short-circuitry.

The issues that so many are experiencing, as they work to raise their frequencies, manifest because the light and energy levels that the spiritual lightbody can hold are considerably higher than the physical body has been capable of processing. This can leave one feeling a deep separation between their body and their spirit as well as an inability to experience joy and peace from their bodies or manifest the simplest desires in their physical world.

As we raise the vibrational frequency of our spiritual selves, we must also do the same for our physical selves. Many people have the perception that the body’s frequency levels raise in unison but that is simply not the case. We must tend to, love, clear, nurture and activate our physical body the same as we do our spiritual body, chakras and energy fields. Proper nutrition, rest, time spent in nature and daily excercise are a must. 

As many of you know I have worked with wild dolphins for many years. These amazing creatures are  a the most precious source of holistic intelligence, joyful, loving, forgiving... and the message that I received most often in the Dolphin chanelling sessions over and over again is this: Bring back the joy, play! When we create from that energy we will indeed create Heaven on Earth.

And, although I've said it before, I'll say it again. We must remember what it is to PLAY with light. We won't be building anything of value as a fear-based reaction to our current circumstances. Now, even as the land is shaking, flooding, and burning all around us must we commit like never before to our physical presence in our bodies.

I'd like you to consider the Earth Star Soul Star Activation process. The Earth Star grounding component alleviates much of the  discomfort when there is an imbalance in your physical/ and spiritual body's frequencies. Ask yourself the following questions:

* Are you finding yourself depleted of energy and vitality?
* Are you experiencing little joy from your physical body?
* Are you unable to manifest/create your desires in your life?
* Do you find it hard to associate with others and prefer to be alone?
* Are you feeling unfocused or forgetful?
* Do you feel ungrounded no matter how much you work on grounding?

If you said yes to any of the above you are probably experiencing an imbalance in your physical/ and spiritual body's frequencies. The Earth Star grounding anchors your spiritual body (your lightbody) into your physical body and your physical body to the chakras of Mother Earth.

This connection is healing to the lower chakras so you can experience life, joy and love from a very present and physical perspective, manifesting and creating all that your Spirit wrapped itself in your physical body to exist in this dimension to accomplish.

For the past decade I have focused my practice in creating Ascension Tools and making my services available to help you make the transition into multi-dimensional living more peaceful and harmonious.
I hope that you will take a moment to explore my products and services, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

May You Be Blessed!

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