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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Playing with Light? I LOVE Photons!

According to Willkipedia, a photon is an elementary particle, the quantum of the electromagnetic interaction and the basic unit of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation. It is also the force carrier for the electromagnetic force. Because the photon has no rest mass; this allows for interactions at long distances...

So naturally, I'd be starry-eyed from the get-go...

But the Photon$ I'm talking about are the free little currency packets of ka-ching-real-cash spendable tidbits on the cool selling venue, yardsellr. You'll get $10 worth just for signing up and if you are like me, with a gazillion seller friends, you'll get $5 more each time a facebook friend joins.  Photon$ can be thought of as reward points for yardsellr members. If you go on a treasure hunt on Yardsellr, you can win Photon$ just by commenting on listings and buying things on yardsellr.com. Yes, you get more when you buy stuff!!! And you can earn up to a million per day LOL!

So, last week when I logged onto yardsellr I discovered this pile of Photon$ I never knew I had.  I spent about $200 in FREE Photon$ and I only paid about $20 in buyer fees called the yardsellr slice (sellers don't pay listing fees) but shipping was free on everything so that was the deal of the century...

There's no minimum purchase or percentage you must use, so if you've got the Photon$ to spend... you don't have to add any cash except the (10%+-) buyer slice.  You do need to use paypal or a major credit card to shop on yardsellr. Photon$ really is a great promotion, and I'm sure it won't last forever...

but there are some really great sellers there and some very cool goodies...


If you've got Photon$ to spend, and love Oshun Spirit products and services, just make your wish list from either http://www.oshunspirit.net or http://www.oshunspirit.com  (or combine goodies from both sites) send it to me, and I'll make you a custom listing on yardsellr. Yardsellr pays me with cash, but it's all free for you! And FREE is good!

Seller friends, are you selling on yardsellr? Feel free to drop your user name here in the comments and some links to your goodies. What cool things have you picked up with your Photon$?


  1. Thanks for promoting this Oshun! Here is my yardsale:


    But if you see anything here..... http://www.addoway.com/ayunigifts/storefront I'd be happy to put it on YS too... just for you, so that you can get it for free by using your fabulous photons!

  2. Oh those Ruby/Zoisite pendants are gorgeous!

  3. Thanks for the promo spot! I was sent by ayuni martha =) My yardsale:


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  5. Thanks Oshun Here is My yardsellr link from Secret Garden Gems

    I to will accept all those photons Thanks Oshun for allowing me to post my link also

  6. Glad to have you both post! This is such a great example of a venue that "gets it" and rewards both sellers and buyers, keeps it simple, and works! And of course, the whole idea of light as currency works for me!!!

  7. I love these harmony balls! http://yardsellr.com/for_sale/bali-sterling-silver-ruby-red-harmony-ball-chime-pendant-locket-401225

  8. Wow that is a great deal! http://yardsellr.com/for_sale/free-ship-gorgeous-younique-long-black-strapless-semi-formal-gown-med-390790

  9. lol...... you could buy it with your photons!