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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to welcome synchronicity – the rhythm of the cosmos – into your life

Sometimes things go exactly right. You might call it luck, or good karma, or coincidence. You could thank your guardian angel, the spirit of your ancestors, your patron saint, or lucky stars.

We all have our own anecdotal stories of synchronicity appearing in our lives. When we look at these amazing events on their own they are hard to understand, but often we can see an underlying pattern of small and large nudges we get from chance and luck and fate that we paid attention to. If we become conscious of what is happening around us we’ll see such gifts everywhere, and realize that synchronicity is always beckoning to us.

But first, we must trust that there is an energy in the universe that exists, and that "it" has a plan to use us to benefit our world. That trust has to be a deep trust. We must understand our spirituality from the perspective that our contribution expresses and manifests the purpose, the meaning, and the significance of our lives. It is our legacy of love. We must also understand that the answer to the question, "what IS my purpose?" lies not just in our intellect but in our heart.

Second, we must be prepared to notice when this energy gives us help, and be alert to the many ways it can operate. If we’re unaware of its methods we may stop noticing how it comes into our lives. If we’re ignorant we can’t work with what arrives in terms of opportunity. Plenty of people are waiting for their ‘big break’ but it is a waste of time. The big break only ever happens because there were a lot of little breaks first, ones that someone worked at with plenty of energy and trust.

Third, we must expect to be used by this synchronous energy in ways that seem to be counter-logical. The universe has a plan for our lives and we must learn to trust it and do our part. So we have to let go of ego expectations and rewards. There will be rewards, but they probably won’t be what we imagine. They’ll be better.

Deepak Chopra describes a tradition in the Vedanta where they say that you experience synchronicity when you have Ritam Bara PragyanRitam is the word for rhythm, order of the universe; Bara means ‘full of’; Pragyan means ‘mind’. So Ritam Bara Pragyan means he whose mind, or she whose mind is filled with the rhythm of the cosmos. So when the elements and forces in you and the elements and forces in the cosmos are totally aligned, then in that expression, in that field of almost choiceless awareness, a little subtle intention orchestrates its own fulfillment. That little subtle intention, in that field where the elements and forces are aligned, summon forth the "possibility waves" to cohere together, to collapse into space time events that are synchronized so that the outcome is determined.

Getting into this place – the space of synchronicity – is not as simple as wishing for something and then expecting it to appear. It involves aligning with the energies of the cosmos and seizing our opportunities to grow into compassion. After all it is the compassionate universe that is at the heart of synchronicity.

Seeing our own anger, for example, can lead us to think again about whether anger is even necessary. Usually it isn’t. Thinking in this way will inevitably cause us to have compassion for others’ anger. Noticing our own longing can make us more open and generous to those who are in the grip of greed and desire. Witnessing how we dislike others can lead us back to love, and to loving those who are stuck in the place of hatred. We forgive them, and at the same time we forgive ourselves. Then we can let go of those negative feelings.

Getting free of all these ego-demands is all we need to do if we are to welcome synchronicity fully into our lives. My gift is my ability to assist awakening people to access the wisdom of their compassionate essence which resides in the heart. Source has given you an awareness, a consciousness within your heart which is your own source of inner wisdom, a knowing when synchronicity is beckoning to you.

This consciousness is not like your intellect. It is not constantly thinking, planning, remembering, imagining, and so forth. It is more of a feeling, an awareness, a state of being connected to everything in the universe. When you get aligned with it and stay with it, and trust it you'll be able to use it.

You can call it luck, or good karma, or coincidence.

I call it the miracle that is our life on Earth.

May you be blessed!

image credit: susangailtaylorgernenz

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