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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Exploring the Shadows of Compasssion


My attention was turned to the concept of compassion. Webster’s dictionary defines compassion as, "Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it; pity." 

Hmmm... that didn't "feel" quite right to me. So I sat with it for a moment...

OK, compassion is an emotion: a feeling in motion, therefore it is a tool for moving forward. But as all tools, it can be used in a positive or negative manner. Yes, fire can cook soup for your loved ones or burn your enemy's house down.

It really bothered me that Webster uses the term pity when defining compassion, because Webster defines pity as, "a feeling of sorrow that inclines one to help or to show mercy." Well, yes, mercy is often a motive for rescuing another from pain. And we have been taught that mercy is good. Yet, from a higher perspective, pity and mercy are seen as terms that define someone who is a victim, not a perfect soul...

I could feel Aha moment about to root.

I have come to feel that pity is an active form of judgment with the suffering of another being judged as "bad." So with this in mind, can it be that compassion has become also a tool of judgment, twisted in its teaching and application to add to our collective suffering?  Have we been bamboozled by believing we were helping?  Moment sprouting, reaching for light...

I am reminded of a quote, "Don't let the hand that holds you hold you down."

It won't if we understand compassion as a deep awareness of the suffering of another without the need to relieve it, feeling total appreciation for its value; a state of non-judgment.

This is tricky, really tricky I know, because we have to stretch our minds to embrace another point of view that is quite foreign to us The thought that someone’s suffering can have a value is not normal thinking in our world.  But, it is the kind of thinking we have been taught that God does. “God is compassionate, God is unconditionally loving.” We hear those words, and believe them, and yet do not comprehend how to reach those states of consciousness. But, how do we get to the level of unconditional love and compassion?

The blossom: We must move into the realm of non-judgment, leaving pity behind.

To become truly compassionate we must suspend all judgment of the actions, or conditions, of another. We must be aware of those actions, how painful they are and at the same time realize that they have a value and that value pertains to the role they play in facilitating our spiritual growth as souls.  It has been said by many teachers that we are souls having a physical experience. We are souls who have come to earth to partake of the greatest opportunity for soul growth.

Why is it a great opportunity? Because Earth is a "free will zone" meaning that there are no limits on creative expression of light and dark. It has also been said that we are creator gods and goddesses and therefore we create our own realities. So if we are souls that are also creator gods/goddesses, and we are incarnate on earth to create in order to learn and grow from what we create, I think that we find those lessons most often in the shadows, in the creations which include both light and dark.

It’s true that our dark creations are the ones that cause us pain. I don’t think anyone will dispute that. But, as we who have evolved a bit know, we learn the most from our painful experiences. And in fact, it is out of the shadows that we grow: not from our light manifestations but into them. Our light manifestations are the rewards we create for ourselves for creating, experiencing and learning from the dark days.

When we pity someone we state by our action that what they are experiencing is bad and therefore negative. As souls and creator gods/goddesses, there is no right or wrong, just expressions of polarity and all of those expressions have value. We need to remain non-judgmental, allowing all expressions of creation to just be...  non-judgmental, allowing and unconditionally loving as manifestations of the Divine.

So, dare to explore the depths of our creation. Do not hide or run from what we have created. No matter how dark, ugly, disgusting and painful that creation is, we must realize that not only are we responsible for it because it is part of All That Is, and we find must value in it as a learning opportunity. We must bless the depths and say, "thank you."

I have found that many Lightworkers are either not aware that they need to do this or are unwilling to do it. They believe that by not looking at the dark, not researching and investigating the "official story" being given, that they are doing the right thing... in other words, they are not adding fuel to the fire by responding in anger or feeling the need for restitution. On one hand they are correct, but what they are missing is that they are not doing anything to counterbalance the event. 

I have had many conversations with well-intentioned Lightworkers, informing me that they are staying centered in the love no matter what and therefore, are not acknowledging the dark thinking... and that if they don’t acknowledge the bad and the ugly, it will go away. I can tell you if it did, I would be the first in line to do it. But you know me, if it's rotten and it stinks, I'm going to poke it with a stick until I learn my lesson!

Yes, my friends, my first step is to know the extent of the actions of the dark, however they manifest.  It’s not fun and, in fact, it can very painful.  Some of what I have discovered and uncovered turns my stomach and hurts my feelings but I would rather have these things happen than to be naïve.  Knowledge is power. When we know what we are up against, we can do something about it. We are empowered. We have choice.

Once we know the extent of the dark, we can then move to the next step: transmutation. This is where our higher dimensional creator tools come into play.  We cannot transmute the pain, anger, revulsion and disgust into compassion unless we have a tool that enables us to see their value. We did not choose to be here on earth at this time without a tool that would enable us to successfully complete the mission!

As creator gods/goddesses we take this tool and transmute the energies of our dark creation. We go right ahead and feel and express the anger, revulsion, etc., and move them up through our lower charkas, through our heart and into our high heart where they are transmuted.  Once there, we hold them in our high heart while we look for their value, we move into gratitude for the teachings they provide. At the same time we release them with appreciation along with those who played the roles to trigger those feelings in us. At that point, we feel compassion and we are compassionate. We are also now doing what we really came to earth to do!

As Lightworkers we understand that we must now create an alternate reality to the previous one. We must create a reality that not only counterbalances the dark but also takes us to the next level in our learning.  So, we invest time in transmuting all the dark energies from our current creation, using every drop of darkness to use as fuel that we transmute to energize our new reality, and our next steps.  We step out of the shadow and use the tool of true compassion to move our world to an even higher state of consciousness. Unconditional Love.

May you be blessed!

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  1. This was really interesting and makes sense to me. I get it. I love the part about growing more from the shadows than the light and need to remember that. Thank you for posting this.