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Friday, June 24, 2011

Headline News

I've decided I am going to choose my own headlines from now on. 

Although I always wake up happy and excited to greet the day, by the time I have scanned the headlines of the morning news, read my emails, and returned a few telephone calls I realize I have  already become negatively affected by the sufferings of the day. Flooding. Fires. War. Recession. Lost Dogs. Sick Children. Insensitive Jerks. Arrogant Bullies.  With just a bit of exposure I can quickly feel tired and drained –  both physically, mentally, and emotionally – even after a good night's sleep. 

We all have a certain amount of chi, or life force energy, that is ours by nature of our karma, our spiritual practices and life habits including diet, exercise and environment. But that life force can get used up pretty quickly if we allow our emotional responses to dictate its stewardship. As an empath, when I get caught up in the drama and illusions of the world stage it is very easy for me to end up without the energy I need to work and play.

We all tend to see the world through the emotion we happen to be feeling. If you are exposed to the feelings of sad, or angry there is a good chance that the world will seem that way to you. Everyone has unhealed emotional wounds that open and weep when the world touches them. And this disease spreads when left untreated.

The cure? Forgiveness.

We really can heal all emotional wounds by forgiveness... of ourselves, our parents, family, friends, our systems and nations, and everyone who has wronged us. When you have forgiven you'll no longer have any emotional reaction to like-persons or to events which trigger the emotions that feed it. Forgive but don't forget, wisdom is learned only by experience.

But the moment anything happens in my life that is challenging to my balance, or generating an emotional response in which I am losing power, moving into fear, I pause and ask, “What did I do to create this opportunity to grow. What is the lesson here. What do I need"?

Knowing that fear is "my needs announced" usually, when I ask that question, the answer comes pretty quickly and easily.  I run down my fears, doubts, concerns... identify my victimization, my open wound, and recenter in forgiveness and gratitude for the lesson. This recharges me. Instantly.

I have learned that I am a co-creative force in the universe, and that when I get clear about what I actively create, I experience harmony and peace. It all comes down to perception. Am I looking at life from the viewpoint of empowerment or victimization? If I see myself as a victim of circumstances, I have decided that someone or something else has the power, and I am helpless.

When I stand in a space of confidence and assuredness, I see everything as an opportunity to learn and expand.

I am willing to take responsibility for my life and stop looking outside of myself for reassurance that everything will be all right. I absolutely knows that I am in charge of my experience, and therefore I can choose to be all right no matter what is happening around me.

I take a deep look at my beliefs around being powerless in the moment and I realize that is a lie. I can always choose to live from a place of deep peace and profound joy.

"I release anything that does not serve my higher good. I focus on what is working in my life. As I do, I draw even more good things into my life."

It's a choice. Spread the news.

May you be blessed!

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