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Thursday, January 22, 2009

109 Front Street, a most wonderful shopping mall you'll just have to experience!

This rare Centauress is almost 7 inches tall and about 8 inches long and as you can see she's charming! A most lovely figurine, she was made by the long closed Freeman-McFarlin Pottery Company of California, most likely in the 60's. She has subtle silver lavender coloration on tail hair and hooves and her her eyes are interesting and almost lifelike...

You certainly won't find a wonderful treasure like this at the mall!

Or will you? I just have to let you know about the grand opening of 109frontstreet.com– a most extraordinary virtual shopping mall, created of widgets from the finest sellers at Bonanzle. And this
Centauress is waiting for you at Jamiro Eclectica on the Mezzanine level!

Because you appreciate unique and beautiful things, and love finding bargains and delights online, 109frontstreet.com offers a huge variety of unique products and services to take a quick peek at, 5 floors in fact – and then for deeper searching links lead back to the shops on Bonanzle.com.

Enter on the Mezzanine where you'll discover Art, Photography, Ephemera, Antiques, and Collectibles. Be sure to stop on the third floor where you can browse collections of items for Home, Garden, and Pets, including the famous DogSPA Boutique, where you can pick up Gourmet Jimmy Chews, the most decadent delight ever baked for pampered pooches! You'll find Oshun Spirit Earth Friendly Goods on the fourth floor, which is home to sellers of health and beauty products, clothing and accessories, and personal care and wellness items and services.

109 Front Street is a most extraordinary shopping mall, and we are certainly excited to be a part of it! To celebrate the Grand Opening, we're offering 15% savings on any purchase at our mall store through February 14! Just enter coupon code LOVE109 at checkout for instant savings! We'll see you there!


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