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Friday, January 9, 2009

From a plant, not a deer!

This plant is cultivated for its seeds, which have a characteristic musk-like odor. The seeds are the source of ambrette, an aromatic oil used in perfumery.

The aromatic essence is inspired by a "musky" extract derived from a miniature antler-less deer which originated deep in the Himalayan mountains. The scent pod of the male musk deer has been sought after for centuries and its aroma is considered one of the most popular scents throughout history, dating back to ancient Roman, Persian, and Chinese cultures. This plant, Musk Ambrette, is used as a substitute for animal-derived musk oil.

One of the first synergistic oils we offered in 2005, Oshun Spirit Musk Oil is back by popular demand!

Oshun Spirit Egyptian Musk Oil is created using a powerful, ancient, ritual formulation. Our Egyptian Musk is a soothing, long lasting fragrance that both men and women enjoy, and is specially formulated to use as a body oil. It is wondefrul to scent and energize salts, lotions, and scrubs. You may also use with it with oil warmers, light bulb rings or add to potpourri to create a signature home fragrance. It is traditionally used in magik as an anointing oil, and for attracting romance and passion, also as an aphrodisiac, and to attract prosperity.

Soft, sensual, and mystically refreshing, ours is a warm, woody, and tender green musk. It is tachyon energized for optimum results!

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