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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Inspired Gardening!

In 1986, Peter Cook had the idea of growing a chair and nine years later Pooktre was born. He has mastered the art he calls Pooktre, which is the shaping of trees as he grows them in predetermined designs. Some are intended for harvest to be high quality indoor furniture and others will remain living art outdoors. And, Peter invites you to grow a piece in his garden or will assist you in growing one in your garden.

"There are two ways to work with us. We will grow your commissioned piece in our garden where we can apply our techniques and guide it's growth until the time comes to transplant the living work to your location or harvest, dry and finish your unique piece. We can also assist you in designing, and planting your own piece on your property, guided by us every step of the way thought-out the growing of your trees.

Take a minute today and visit this magical garden and even if you can't work directly with Peter, you might just be inspired to try something new in your own garden! I just love the living tree people, and I have the perfect spot! How about you?

1 comment:

  1. The living tree caught my eye as my husband makes willow chairs! Come and visit my unique shop at www.retrograndma.etsy.com. I recycle books and records. Love your blog!