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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hang a prayer flag in your heart today

As the inauguration of Barack Obama takes place at noon today on the steps of the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C., as Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. oversees the changing of the guard by administering the oath, I will close my eyes and visualize prayer flags flying in the winds of change. And my heart will soar!

Prayer flags are colorful panels or rectangular cloths often found strung along mountain ridges and peaks high in the Himalayas to bless the surrounding countryside. The Tibetan word for prayer flag is "Lung ta", meaning "wind horse".

The prayers contained on the flags are carried by the wind, and your own mind, to all as a blessing. When I see a prayer flag flying in the breeze, I am reminded of the call to say a prayer for the welfare of all beings, to work to bring about virtue, goodness, healing, and happiness in the world around me.

Celebrate the winds of change! I hope that you will take a moment to to add your hopes and dreams to the prayer flags I’ve strung for today! Prayer flags are used to send blessings and prayers on the wind for the welfare of all beings, and to help us to be mindful to be kind, compassionate, and joyful throughout the day! Please leave your prayers and blessings in the comments box. Today is a good day to string prayer flags. I shall, from my heart to yours!

photo credit: www.johnharveyphoto.com


  1. I asked my kids to watch the Inauguration with me. (I homeschool) We were so inspired. I told them that the President needs many people to help him. They asked me what I do to help. I said that by offering my daily prayers for him and all of our leaders in the country. I also told them that I help by trying to do my best to raise my kids to have values and to work hard. That is my small part.
    Hoping for positive change and having faith.

  2. I pray that President Obama remains safe in his journey to make long overdue changes in our country. I hope that his campaign for CHANGE does just that with old negative mindsets and breed new positive ones. And that our children are inspired by his example and seek higher learning in knowing they can achieve anything!