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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oshun, what's love got to do with it?

These are challenging times. And you will be tested, as will I.

I have watched several respected and skilled metaphysical counselors in my circle of aquaintances degenerate into psycho-deceivers, fortune tellers, and psychic readers who present sensational readings and dramatic performances to appease the lower natures of their clients. One friend is simply misguided in her efforts to bring comfort in uncertain times, while I believe the others find it's just easier, and often, more lucrative. For some, a plane lands every other Saturday, bringing wealthy seekers to discover indigenous wisdom through spa treatments and gourmet vegetarian cuisine. The fire walkers are paid by the hour. Cocktails are served. Although ritual is holy, spin is not.

Greed, corruption, and a lust for power has spoiled many a noble endeavor. But remember, although money is a currency, it is only valued in the third dimension. The morally and spiritually bankrupt are a far poorer lot, and their poverty although cyclical, is long lasting. It matters not your life's work, when your work is no longer love made visible, it has lost its true value.

The hush and ssshhh approach, which is essentially spin, causes a dependency on the spinner, and others, rather than function as a catalyst for the client's self mastery and forward movement. And, as a result, real growth and happiness is stunted for both the client and the facilitator. A simple law of nature: you reap what you sow.

Many people believe that psychic ability indicates high spiritual development. Not so! A psychic person may not be spiritual, and a spiritually-evolved person may not choose to develop their psychic skills. Many animals have shown to be sensitive to psychic impressions! Psychic intuition is a natural ability, tuned by practice. Remember, just as fire can be used to heat your family's soup it can burn down your neighbor's house. It's also a simple law of nature, do with it what you will. We can only hope that as mankind harnesses the laws of nature (and the laws of the universe) we do so in concert with our own highest nature, our divine essence...

Laws of nature belonging to any realm of existence are just that, natural! It is only by the non-awareness of those laws that we glamourize them as super-natural. Nature manifests as a whole spectrum of energies, and only a tiny part of it is perceptible to our third-dimensional, five-sense orientation. But, by expanding one's consciousness through daily attunement with the multi-dimensional, universal mind one gradually realizes the interrelationship of all manifestations, which in reality is of one essence. Then, if we grasp the unconditional connectivity and inclusive love providing all, we may evolve as multi-sensory, multi-dimesional beings. Our multi-dimensional knowing then simply surpasses our mentally and emotionally charged logic, if the heart is pure. But only in the presence of love.

As a metaphysician and mentor, I strive to awaken a sense of responsibility and self mastery in my clients, and enable them take control over their experiences in this life by understanding universal laws. Through a combination of spirit listening, spiritual guidance, intuitive insight and direct energy healing, my intention is to bring clients to their highest level of well-being in all aspects of their lives. While I maintain a grounded, practical, dogma-free healing perspective, I am a psychic being. And while it is my intent to convey spiritual truths and Universal Laws in a rational, logical and intelligent manner to the educated seeker, and teach and heal in an efficacious and holistic manner, I work with spirit guides and non-physical teachers. And, I seek to practice as a spiritually-evolved human being by embracing Oshun, the Goddess of love. I honor her by incorporating creativity, abundance, divination, sensuality, sweetness, healing and beauty into experiences of renewal, fresh promise, and manifestation.

In my experience as a daughter of Oshun, I know that once an awareness of universal law fosters the desire to live harmoniously, and the source and cause of abundance are known and applied, there is less stress, less judgement, and less struggle for survival. And, the law of the jungle is miraculously replaced with the law of love.

Where there is love, truly, there is cooperation instead of competition. There is no fear-driven appetite for gain. There is more time and energy for higher pursuits. Without a higher awareness of the unconditional love that unites all of the energy patterns of creation we waste and squander our time and resources on trivial matters. And this squandering has caused spiritual human evolution to stagnate for thousands of years.

Today, the upsurge of spiritual energies encircling our planet is awakening humanity's understanding of the existence of higher realities, and providing an evolutionary nudge to embrace our place as co-creators. This higher awareness has been quantified through scientific research through the theories of quantum physics, hyperspace, and parapsychic science. The masses can finally believe, maybe...

Today, the true metaphysicial mentor must be a a scientist, shaman, mystic, magician, philosopher, poet, and a humanitarian. The healer must be the lover of all ways. Beware the instant enlightenment programs boasting gourmet wild edibles and gloating wise elders who spit fire every Tuesday at 8pm just before they reveal the secret teachings! Did you want a hut with wireless internet and a hot tub? A massage before or after your initiation?

It is simpler, really. It's not about that experience, it's only about love. Of self first, then others, then all. If you get that from the package, ok! But you really only need open your heart to all ways. Always. Eternally yours.

Practitioners like myself are channeling and creating integration methods which combine present findings of science with traditional metaphysical knowledge which draw on diverse multicultural, esoteric wisdom. No longer able to be this or that, the teachings are unified. All true servants of the divine and humanity are lovers of love, peace, and harmony. The relevant healers will teach you how to overcome your difficulties yourself – through kindness, compassion, and the restoration of harmony. Through Love. And that's the only secret you need to know!

Mother Oshun...
...birthing oneness consciousness ... through all ways... it is an exciting time!

I invite you to explore metaphysical counseling, spiritual healing, wellness, and attunement services, all offered in love, and in service to the One, through Oshun.

In love and peace,

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  1. Alaafia-Ol en Oshun. Thank you for sharing your blog and enlightenment with us. I am sooo glad I found this blag. I will be reading everyday.

    May the winds of Oya - keep your spirit elevated in constant positive energy.