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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eating. Crow.

In many cultures throughout the ages the Owl has been a symbol of wisdom. Owl can see that which others cannot, the essence of true wisdom. Where others are deceived, Owl sees and knows what is there.

Because Owl is my personal medicine, I may at times be a little frightening to be around, because sometimes I know more about an individual’s inner life than that person knows about herself or himself! But Owl medicine is wonderful to have! For over 25 years I've embraced Owl medicine as a feminine/goddess trait, symbolically associated with clairvoyance, astral projection, and magic.

Owls perch in the trees at the edge of my woods, and no matter day or night, I can usually find one quite readily. I've learned to be comfortable with the gift and challenge of being an Owl Soul. There's not much that can freak me out anymore. I've seen it, done it, processed through it, and said, "thank you."

But recently, I've been adopted by Crows. Lots of them. And, maybe, I'm a little freaked out! They are everywhere around me. They come within a few inches of me. They look right at me and wait for my response. They are in the trees, on the grass, in my gardens. There is one on the railing of my deck staring into the window of my office as I type this blog. I am not afraid of them. And, there is not any one in particular that has chosen me. They all have.

I joked that my recent raw foods diet has sent me into such a detox that I smell like roadkill. Thus I am a big attraction to this bevy! But I also know that metaphysically, those who have the honor of having Crow as a companion are blessed with the role of carrying souls lost in pain into the light of forgiveness and self-awareness. So, OK that makes sense.

If Owl sees the truth, Crow moves you through it.

Crows have elicited much thought and speculation among indigenous people across many cultures and throughout time. To some, Crow is a harbinger of evil, or like owl, a portender of physical death. To others, Crow represents the choice to fly free of the chains of the past and to soar toward self knowing, also Owl's lesson. Well, a raw foods diet will do that too!

Crows are known for their tendency to observe all that is happening around them and to alert other crows nearby at the first sign of danger. Their keen eyes miss nothing, and when an approaching threat is noticed, they sound the alarm! It is believed that because of their tendency to call out when intruders are around, they have been given the task of being the Messengers of the Ancestors. Crow Souls are asked to serve as sentinels who keep watch over all that is happening around them. They will first observe what is occurring, making mental notes on what has been seen, heard and experienced. They will then translate these thoughts into either spoken or written format, sharing their observations with the world around them.

And even if I do smell like roadkill these days, I am enjoying the lightness that clean eating produces. As I've changed my diet to natural high-vibrational foods my inner channels of receptivity have opened dramatically.

Yes, a whole new dimension of sensitivities has awakened, and with it came Crow. Crow is calling me to share this intimate knowledge of our oneness identity, and assist those who wish to become more open to wisdom and guidance.

If I have been a silent witness, I am asked now to speak out. Got it.


  1. I saw an owl eating a crow today. It was up in a tree, a most beautiful owl. Only a few people witnessed this. It was in a beach area in Vancouver, BC. It had me do a search for owl and crow and I found your blog. Lot's to ponder. Thanks!