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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ascension, Oceans, Dolphins, and the Earth Star!

This is a time of the return of the Mother Ocean to human consciousness. Dolphins are master healers and keepers of light upon Earth. They are here to help us and love us, and to guide us in our remembrance of our true selves. It is their greatest joy to assist human beings awaken to our own light!

As Earth moves into the Photon Belt, and we advance in our mastery and learn to manifest and make miracles, we will be running more and more powerful energies through the crystalline gridwork of our Lightbodies and through our physical bodies as well. As the voltage increases, we will become increasingly electrical beings. It is crucial that we also learn to properly ground ourselves and our energies in the Earth Mother's crystalline grid.

The most effective way to ground the energy is to fully activate the Earth Star Chakra. This is the chakra that connects us to this planet, to both the land and the seas. The Earth Star connects us to elemental energies, and anchors and aligns all of our chakras allowing our Spirit to stay in connection with both the Earth and Universal energies. The major function of the Earth Star is to secure the aura in the physical dimension and keep us grounded while we manifest as light beings.

The Earth Star Chakra is a transpersonal chakra, and is located below our feet on the outer periphery of our aura as it expands and contracts. Connecting and balancing this chakra is a recharge and reconnection for us, its like plugging into an enormous natural electrical circuit, providing us with a huge spiritual energy boost! As we choose whether to imitate the patterns of the past, or choose a relationship with life, respect for life, love of life, it will require an immense effort of consciousness. The Earth Star Chakra can be effectively activated and and anchored through the grid healing as channeled thru Ansa Eeya, the Divine Mother as She manifests in the Dolphin patterns of service to humanity. It may also be activated as part of the Microcosmic Orbit meditation.

As the Earth Star Chakra supports our connection to life itself, it is the energy center from which we can draw our most enduring power in these times of change and challenge. A well-functioning Earth Star Chakra will show in someone as a healthy zest for life, an ability to be fully present in the now, and an ability to find the Zen in everyday tasks. When not functional, it may present as a lack of motivation, depression, or a general feeling of being out of sync with life.

Whurla are areas on the sea floor that radiate this specific Earth energy. This energy creates interesting parabolic frequencies within the Dolphin's holographic-field brains. The dolphins routinely energize these sites by creating spiraling patterns in the sand with their own body movements. The created frequency/space maintains, adjusts and evolves the flow of Zero Point Energy through the Earth's Crystalline Grid, much like the Stellar Gateway and Soul Star Chakras do in our own auras!

Because more than half of our planet is comprised of water, the Earth Star Chakra has a large water component. The Earth is our ancient Mother. But all life on Earth arose from the ocean, and so, she is indeed, the mother of all life, all manifestation originally came from the sea. She is the ancient Mother Goddess. The Ocean reflects the joy, serenity and contentment of the Earth's planetary psyche. From the Ancient Mother we learn the wisdom of cycles, of tides, of flows and of spirals of energies. From the Dolphin's field of influence we learn to manifest the love of the Ancient Mother as we walk upon the Earth.

May we be blessed with joy, serenity and contentment!

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