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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finding Your Place in the Universe

The ancients of all races sang and spoke of days gone by when all life existed harmoniously in love, light and peace. Myths and truths alike tell of a place where war, pestilence and disease were unknown, and man was in constant communion with the Divine. And today, throughout the world, many religious, spiritual, and metaphysically-aware people believe they are readying for another such experience, right now on Earth.

Scholars of science and religion, physics, and prophesy note that energies of change are already among us, noting particularly the disharmony and failures in relationships, governments, health, justice, education and religion. Look at the recent breakdown of global financial institutions, the advent of new forms of disease, and unprecedented weather patterns, and you may be inclined to agree. And, many agree that there is more to come as 3-D illusions are transformed into spiritual reality, all in divine order. The Universe, the living Earth, and our own Higher Selves are working in concert to ready this planet for ascension into the higher realms of consciousness known as the fourth and fifth dimensions. But please understand, ascension is not a time of doom and gloom! Ascension is about finding and claiming our place, as conscious and creative beings of love and light, in the unfolding Universe.

Metaphysical is defined as “beyond the physical or beyond physics, dealing with the nature of being." Metaphysical study deals with the exploration of what reality truly is. It suggests challenging and alternate ideas about reality than those generally held by the unaware. Metaphysics is a spiritual philosophy of life. I think it can more accurately be defined as a spiritual exploration, which focuses on discovering who you truly are – that is an eternal soul having a human experience. There need be no conflict with religious belief, an awareness of metaphysics simply allows you to expand your religious beliefs to grow and encompass more of what your soul is all about.

Metaphysics embraces and respects all religions and belief systems and is based on the underlying common belief inherent in all religions, which is that there is indeed a greater power than us. This conflict between religion, politics, relationships, the stress of physical life and the inner truth that is part of each human soul is where metaphysical counseling can be beneficial. As we enter the Photon Belt, we are entering into a very exciting time of spiritual transformation and evolutionary changes in human consciousness, just as we intended. We are waking up to our true nature as multi-dimensional beings. (You can google the words ascension and photon belt if you wish to explore these concepts in greater depth.)

All humans incarnated now into the third dimensional realm of Earth have done so to experience ascension into the higher realms of consciousness known as the fourth and fifth dimensions. We're learning to embrace transformation, rather than fear change.

It has been written that graduation from the third dimension to the fourth and fifth dimensions is quite simple if we follow the teachings of the Masters: walk and talk your life in love and forgiveness, and acknowledge and give gratitude to the Creator, Infinite Intelligence, the Mother/Father God of your perception. And, divest yourself of fear, for fear is food for the forces of darkness and it will continue to hold you captive if you do not. Unfortunately, in modern society, with so much indifference, poverty, disease, genocide, war, prejudice, crime and man’s inhumanity to man, it is not surprising that so many people doubt the existence of any Mother/Father God, and fear that survival of the fittest is the only reality.

So, as we get nearer and nearer to the Photon Belt and the incoming Christ Consciousness, our bodies, minds, and spirits will undergo major transformational changes. What is reality anyway? Practicing love and forgiveness, ceasing to judge, and eliminating fear are keys for finding out.

If you are feeling that it is time to reconnect with your spirit and bring yourself into alignment with your soul’s purpose, you are readying for these very evolutionary changes in your own consciousness. I offer a variety of metaphysical counseling services to support spiritual growth, knowledge, and the advancement that your soul incarnated into this physical world to experience.

It is my prayer that you feel encouraged and nurtured as you discover your own spiritual awareness and the growth that this awareness promotes. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about Metaphysical Counseling, Integrated Spiritual Healing, and the holistic wellness services that I offer. Through these offerings I claim my own place as a conscious and creative being of love and light in the unfolding Universe. May you also be blessed in fulfilling your soul's purpose.

I look forward to opening my heart as a channel for awakening, growth and healing in your life.

Susan Berry

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