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Thursday, September 17, 2009

A new day and a new place. Making the Law of Attraction work for you!

Yesterday, I had three back to back 90-minute sessions with clients who wished to manifest "stuff." Their manifesting was not going well, and they wondering what they were doing wrong.

"I've been working on the Law of Attraction, and The Secret, and the answers to MY PROBLEMS. And its not working for me." Once, twice, three times.

So, I got to thinking there must be something going on, some great cosmic alignment or stargate opening or something that magnetized these students to me all in the same moment. And, I got to thinking I should fine-tune my response in case there is a watershed. So thanx guys! Now I'm ready thanx to you!

OK, you are a magnet. You attract into your life whatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest. It cannot be otherwise. I've said all that before and so has everyone else. Once, twice, three times.

And yes, many of you are waking up to a blossoming "something" and are having a hard time getting back to sleep. That's good! It's great! And you want to get moving! I call it urgent ascsension symptoms, and you are seeking to clear the past to make room for the future. You are trying to get to the place where is no more burden to bear, karma to clear, people to forgive, or money to tithe to prove your readiness or worthiness. You've worked with your inner child, your past lives, your wounded healer, and your fall from grace and replayed angers and emotions and fears ad nauseum. And this is where your train has derailed...

Stop it! Do it once, let out a big breath of release and move on! Because as you do this over and over again, you diffuse your energy into the past and relive scenarios of dis-empowerment.

Manifestation and miracle-doing requires a new day and a new place. First, you must release the idea of the past, which is simply an illusion in the present. It has no substance unless you energize it. Release the imprints of your past and how it affected you, and claim the power that is yours, now.

Stop spending your time seeking to heal illusions. Do it once and know that it is done.

It is so simple. Really.

The same may be said of the future. Many of you have deep anxieties about what will happen, and so you feel comforted by predictions and time-lines that are offered to tell you what will happen and when. These too are illusions, for the divine plan only unfolds in the Now, in the present, as the point of power. The moment you start giving away power and energy to the future you lose the point of power in the Now moment. The present is still an illusion.

Again, it is so simple. Really.

The bottom line is that all that is "real" is Creative Energy, Love and this moment of Power. Everything else is an illusion that you are energizing, and I know that you think for some very good reason... in your own reality.

Reality is the keyword here. Yours is not mine. Reality is subjective. I find lace-up shoes constrictive, you find them supportive. What are they really?

In subjective reality there’s only one consciousness, and it’s yours. Consequently, there’s only one source of intentions in your universe — YOU. While you may observe lots of people, places and things in your reality, they all exist inside your consciousness.

Let me explain: This is how your dreams work, but you maybe you haven’t yet realized your waking reality is just another type of dream. It only seems solid because you believe it is and intend it to be.

Since none of the other characters you encounter are conscious in a way that’s separate from you, the only intentions are yours. You’re the only thinker in your universe. You’re the single consciousness in which this entire reality takes place. You have all the responsibility.

So, OK imagine you’re having a dream. In that dream what exactly are you? Are you the physical dream character you identify with? No, of course not, that’s just your dream avatar. You are the dreamer. The entire dream occurs within your consciousness. All dream characters are projections of your dream thoughts, including your avatar.

Physical reality works the same way. This is a denser universe than what you experience in your sleeping dreams, so changes occur a bit more gradually here. But this reality still conforms to your thoughts just like a sleeping dream. You are the dreamer in which all of this is taking place.

The idea that other people have intentions that block you is an illusion because other people are just projections. Of course, if you strongly believe other people have intentions, then that’s the dream you’ll create for yourself. But ultimately it’s still an illusion.

Since you’re the only intender, this is "blaming others, blaming the past, blaming the economy" is entirely an internal conflict — within you. You’re intending competition and chaos. Yes, you can give up control of your reality by thinking (intending) randomness and uncertainty, but you can never give up responsibility. Sorry.

Every thought is an intention, so however you think about the other beings in your reality is what you’ll eventually manifest for them. Keep in mind that beliefs are hierarchical, so if you have a high order belief that reality is random and unpredictable and out of your control, then that intention will trump other intentions of which you’re less certain. It’s your entire collection of thoughts that dictates how your reality manifests. Whatever you think about expands, and not just in the narrow space of your avatar but in all of physical reality. If your thoughts are conflicted, your reality is conflicted.

This is why assuming responsibility for your thoughts is so important. If you want to see peace in the world, then intend peace for EVERYTHING in your reality. If you want to see abundance in the world, then intend it for EVERYONE. If you want to enjoy loving relationships, then intend loving relationships for ALL. If you intend these only for your own avatar but not for others, then you’re intending conflict, division, and separation; consequently, that’s what you’ll experience.

This entire reality is your creation. So, feel good about that. Feel grateful for the diversity of your world. And then begin creating the reality you truly want by making decisions and holding intentions. Think about what you desire, and withdraw your thoughts from what you don’t want. The most natural, easiest way to do this is to pay attention to your emotions. Thinking about your desires feels good, and thinking about what you don’t want makes you feel bad. When you notice yourself feeling bad, you’ve caught yourself thinking about something you don’t want. Turn your focus back towards what you do want, and your emotional state will improve rapidly. As you do this repeatedly, you’ll begin to see your physical reality shift too, first in subtle ways and then in bigger leaps.

I, too, am just a manifestation of your consciousness. I play the role you expect me to play. If you expect me to be a helpful guide, I will be. If you expect me to be profound and insightful, I will be. If you expect me to be a new-age glitter fairy, or a deluded over-educated intellectual, I will be. But of course there’s no distinct me that is separate from you. I’m just one of your many creations. I am what you intend me to be.

I will close by saying, "Live in the Now, in the present moment." Let your attention be fully in the creative power of this moment. When you gather your creative power into the present and focus on the now, you have tremendous creative potential and you feel the deep peace and contentment of the Source energy.

"Past" and "future" are illusionary man-made concepts designed to facilitate life in the third dimensional linear reality, that is all. In the higher dimensions they are purely illusionary and have no meaning. Higher dimensional beings create continuously by dipping into the well of the Cosmos: Love and Intention. And, the point of creative energy or focus is always Now, the place of Intention or Attention.

You can make it work for you. Once, twice, three times, and more!

May you be blessed!

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  1. Beautifully said!!!!! All we have is NOW! I met with a client today who has been miserable and on anti-depressants for 8 years. What makes her miserable is someone at her work who "makes her feel" badly. I tol her that nobody can make you feel anything....you take on her words and choose to take on that feeling. She agreed that she has given up her joy and happiness for EIGHT years now...and that is long enough. Now, when the co-worker pokes fun at my client, she will make a joke of it and laugh. She is taking her power back and will be LIVING instead of dreading or merely existing. How powerful! How exciting! Whooo hooo...life is FUN and EXCITING!!!! Enjoy every second because believe me, LIVING IN THE NOW is AMAZING! All we have is this very moment..make it a great one! wellspringprosperity.net