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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tachyon Jewelry 30% off at Oshun Spirit at Bonanzle

Why do I recommend wearing Tachyon pendants and beads?

Beads rest upon the Thymus region of the body. The thymus gland is the "Command Central" for our immune systems. This center knows what should be absorbed by the body and what should be eliminated.
It tries to keep us in balance.

Our modern lifestyles expose us to the constant bombardment of incoherent frequencies from computers, cell phones, artificial lighting, negative people and stressful environments, and severely compromises Thymus function. As a result, our immune systems are weakened significantly. We can recognize our imbalances as fatigue, headaches, poor digestion, scattered emotions, frustration, anger, and spiritual longing.

Wearing Tachyon over the thymus strengthens and protects our immune systems. Because the heart is the power center of the physical body, and the etheric heart is the opening to the Zero-point, our emotional center comes into balance with our gentle spiritual nature as well.

When Tachyon is applied to this area the whole set of energy systems - in our bodies, minds and spirits – that comprise who we are become charged to their highest level with Life Force Energy. Our total sense of wellbeing is strengthened and protected. We feel better because our subtle bodies are in a state of harmony.

It's time for our annual summer clearance sale, and our entire collection of Tachyon jewelry is 30% off!

Visit our Bonanzle storefront to enjoy the savings on all in stock Tachyon Jewelry, and more! Wellness Services are also included, and if you miss this sale, you'll have wait for the January Clearance for services to be discounted again!

Enter coupon code SIMPLE at checkout and enjoy 30% off all of your purchases today!

Only at Oshun Spirit on Bonanzle!

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