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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A space in time

I raced out the door, ate lunch in the car at 70 mph, and despite the fact that I really needed to pee, I kept on going. I had to hurry! I had commitments, appointments, and promises to keep. I had the need for speed.

And, that is very unlike me. Many years ago I stopped worshiping at the feet of the fast life...

A busy, driven, successful young business woman/mother/trailblazer of the early 80's, I had been in the process of running... from my conditioned-self, and from my true calling. And one day I realized I was running in circles. So, I began to cultivate the practice of mindfullness, savoring my experiences, and being present. Once I slowed down I began seeing more clearly, listening more carefully, and thinking more deeply. And soon there was nothing to run from, or to.

And yesterday, I was given the opportunity to recall that miraculous dispensation of grace once more and offer up a prayer of gratitude.

So what happened?

I was in an elevator. And, I resisted the impulse to hit the "door close" button. I had my finger pointed, ready to strike, when I noticed it was the most worn button on the elevator panel. I laughed!

In that worn button, I was given a sure sign of my culture's addiction to speed, and how easy it is to relapse, even after years of "clean living."

I remembered the seduction of the running tos and froms... the implied importance and virtual value of thinking that I should. I also remembered that it's ok to take time to pee.

Thomas Keating, a teacher of centering prayer, has said, "It only takes a moment for Spirit to enrich you."

What if that is the moment? You know, the space in time when you are ready to move but the elevator door stays open. What if that is the crack that lets in the light! What if we just need to resist the need to push the "door close" button?

I imagined this simple act of relaxation could add immeasurably to the peace of the world...

What if you just have to be present, peaceful, and open to this wonderful possibility! Spirit reaches out in the strangest of places. You don’t want to be moving so fast that you miss it!

May you be blessed!

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  1. Awesome! It's all about slowing down and enjoying the simple things in life!