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Monday, March 23, 2009

Ascension Alchemy: Dolphins, Dreams, and Bonanzle T-Shirts

I've been updating my wardrobe. Each spring I choose a few white T shirts and a new white hoodie to wear with my jeans and sun-kissed skin and hair. Its my "thing." Fresh, bright, white. In fact, I recently ordered a white Bonanzle T-shirt with a custom design. It should be here today. And yesterday, I almost ordered a white hoodie with a cool flying cat logo from gratefuldeadandmore's booth on Bonanzle, but the design was no longer available in my size. That design has been discontinued.

So with that in mind, and having spent a wonderful weekend with dear friends spent simply enjoying a few crocuses and the yellowing of the finches, I laid my head on my pillow last night and drifted away feeling full of love and life. Now, I'll get on with my dream. Well, in a minute, first a little more background information...

Each year, I join a community of seers, healers, and lightworkers who are able to merge with dolphin consciousness and increase our personal vibrations enabling a unique, dolphin-directed mulidimensional awareness. In fact, I just returned from my annual trip. Connecting with dolphins in this way is a profoundly transformational experience. Dolphins are transmitters of ancient wisdom and planetary ascension energies. Dolphins model how to unite the mind, body and spirit in loving wisdom and authentic power. They teach us how to move fluidly from one dimension to the other without judgment or fear, and how to create in a unified field of pure potential.

Over the past 5 years I have been channeling energies that I use in my healing practice. The dolphin transmissions have included ascension techniques and information about what we will be-come through the coming shifts. The constant message is crystal clear, this special moment of time is the most spectacular awakening in consciousness that has ever occurred on this planet. These dolphin encounters have blessed me with gifts of wisdom, love, healing, and an expanded vision. It is my intention and purpose to share these gifts with others through the products and services I offer through my healing practice and online venues . I am always interested in fine tuning and creating new ways of delivering these energies most efficiently and effectively. Like bright white summer clothes, it's my "thing."

OK, on to my dream; powerful, vivid and absolutely lucid. I may not have even been asleep. It was so lucid that it really felt real. I mean really real. Scary real. I wanted to share it this morning so I would not forget it.

In this dream, I "woke up" in an underwater palace or temple (yes, a stereotypical Atlantean environment). Although I knew I was me, I had been suddenly shifted into a different dimension, and was quite disoriented underwater, yet not wet, breathing just fine and speaking without words. The place had a strange, unique, but yet familiar feeling. There were several shimmery beings around me and everything I understood apparently came to me telepathically. Everything seemed to merge into a simple, uncomplicated oneness. I felt transparent, illuminated, loved. It reminded me so powerfully of how solid and separate we all still feel from each other now, on Earth. This feeling of oneness made me yearn for tools to bring back to the surface. Like I said, its my "thing."

It seems once I made that intention there was an energy shift.

I was shown the energy of the Earth completely uncomplicated and extremely clear, and the feeling of love and peace was unlike anything that I had ever felt. And I noticed I was holding a package, which I opened, "knowing" it contained my new Bonanzle T-shirt with a custom design. ("How did UPS even find me here", I wondered. Always looking for practical answers...)

It was my shirt, but instead of the Bonanzle logo, there was the flying cat logo (from the discontinued sweatshirt) except it was a sparkling, luminous dolphin (and not a cat), and it was leaping, moving, smiling, singing... alive on the shirt like a movie or hologram!

Wait. That's not what I ordered.

And there was printed just one word: JOY. But it was also moving, fluid, alive.

And, there was a note in the box that said, "This design was discontinued, there was not enough demand for it. Thank you for the opportunity to bring it back. We hope it will become a best seller."

For a few moments after I woke up (at least I think I did), I still did not know where I was, who I was, or how I had gotten there . . . I was overcome with a great sadness (oh the life of an empath) but I also had a deep feeling that everything would be okay and I was pretty excited about it. I cannot tell you how incredibly different this dream was from the usual wild stuff I dream about.

In meditation, the meaning of the dream became clearer to me. I realize what the dolphins have been trying to teach me all these years.

"This design was discontinued, there was not enough demand for it. Thank you for the opportunity to bring it back. We hope it will become a best seller."

The design is the human being void of joy. The human being who has forgooten how to BE. We're being discontinued. We serve no purpose. We're being re-purposed, re-imagined, and recycled. There are no preparations to be made for the coming shift. There are no emergency supplies to pack, no money or food to hoard, techniques to learn, karma to balance. The only thing we need is the love we hold in our hearts for each other.

Knowing that that, be joyful. Write JOY across your heart and live it.

Love your family and friends fiercely, and hold passionately to the truth that you have inside of you. No matter the coming challenges, we will remain as the eternal, multi-dimensional love that we hold in our hearts. And we will also be fully aware of and in harmony with universal law, truths, and teachings that transcend time, space and dimension. Old, worn out human beings, re-purposed as joyful co-creators. A great design, back by popular demand!

Creative, responsive, new and better. Like Bonanzle. I can't wait for my delivery today!

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  1. Your dream and conversation inspired me to do a blog post about the healing power of dolphins.

    Navy Signal Flags- http://navysignalflags.blogspot.com/

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