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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shop www.oshunspirit.com!

We've got the dancing spirit today!

After years of waiting patiently, the domain name www.oshunspirit.com became available and we were able to secure it! This url will land you at the Bonanzle storefront! www.oshunspirit.net will bring you to the website, as always.

As we continue to develop multiple streams of delivering online services through e-commerce venues, social networking sites, and multi-media platforms, the oshunspirit.com address will assist our customer-friends in accessing the quality products, programs, and services they have come to appreciate and rely on through the Oshun Spirit brand.

Dance with us and join us in our joy! Visit www.oshunspirit.com and enter .com in the coupon code box at checkout, today, March 29 and take 25% off your total order. Its a beautiful day for a celebration!

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