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Sunday, March 1, 2009

I closed my ebay storefront, and I'm calling Bonanzle home!

Ebay was no longer a good fit, aesthetically, ethically, and no longer in alignment with my world view of how responsible business should be conducted. After 5 years in residence, I closed the door to my ebay store this morning. But don't be sad! There is often a rainbow after the rain... and they say the grass is greener...

The bright spot in the world of e-commerce is Bonanzle.com. An up and coming social marketplace venue, Bonanzle management makes a conscientious practice of contributing positively to the wellbeing of their customers, and community environment in a big way. This includes being ethical, transparent, service-oriented, creative, responsive, and responsible. With recent upgrades and features, it is apparent that this venue is seriously committed to holding its merchants (and customers) up to the same standards.

I already have a "social responsibility" commitment embedded in my business model, and I whole heartedly believe that doing business with others who have made that same commitment to business ethics shows my customers that I'm serious, and willing to walk the talk. And in so doing, I endorse the expression of people helping each other and supporting their mutual success in whatever way they can – personally, professionally, and globaly. At Bonanzle, this sense of "doing it a better way" creates a ripple effect where newcomers willingly engage from day one with the sincere interest and concern reminiscent of small-town humanity.

Today, more than ever, it takes a village to survive and prosper. It takes cooperation, but only if offered in the spirit of generosity and compassion, with respect for individual differences. The Bonanzle community is working this out despite its explosive growth (about 35,000 members) in just a few short months.

Community responsibility is an ideal, a goal, a standard to which few web business citizens have fully measured up. Yet socially responsive, socially reflective disciplines are achievable. At Bonanzle, members are pro-actively expanding new horizons on this issue and expressing a collective self-confidence and pride in what we each achieve in our own businesses and as a group. It's an amazing process to witness and to participate in. That’s why I'm open for business at Bonanzle! I'll see you there.

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