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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NEW PROGRAM! Holistic Prayer Group: Healing the Mind, Body, & Spirit through Prayer, Meditation, and Sacred Art

You are invited to join with like-minded, loving hearts around the globe each month by enrolling in Holistic Prayer: Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit through Prayer, Meditation and Sacred Art.

Prayer, your communication or connection with the Divine, in its simplest form may be an intention and in its more soulful form, a meditative state of being versus a state of doing. Depending on your beliefs, prayer may be accomplished with words, art, actions, or in silence. This new group program seeks to guide and support inward journeys leading to inner peace and healing using interfaith prayers, poetry, inspiring quotes, and channeled art.

Channeled Sacred Art is an ancient holistic and multi-faith blessing. It opens the heart, mind and spirit to beauty and wisdom by providing contemplative experiences of encoded images, frequencies, and sacred geometry. As a visionary artist, I am able to channel sacred, healing art in the form of full spectrum mandalas, geometric grids, fractals, and color frequency transmissions. My work is used by practitioners around the globe.

Channeled Spirit Art is a pure transmission of the universal language of light. Free of the cultural and personal filters of human language, Spirit Art provides a medium through which Ascended Masters, Angels, and Spirit Guides are able to communicate directly with your Soul. Additionally, the organic and geometric form structures and color frequencies channeled through the drawing stimulate the human energy system and resonate much like a crystal, providing the same kind of vibrational healing. The divine, healing energy inherent of channeled art allows you to continue to expand and focus your conscious awareness, explore Spirit messages and your insights more deeply, and enjoy the blessings of spiritual growth.

We know that a peaceful world evolves through peaceful hearts. You will find inspirational messages and prayers for inner peace and the healing of the self imbedded into the art (and printed to read). You will also find prayers for the healing of the planet. By embracing prayers of different religious and spiritual traditions, times, and cultures, we will help to dissolve the barriers separating us and replace separateness with unity. Depending on your beliefs, you may refer to Source as God, Goddess, Spirit, Higher Power, the Divine, the Universe... and this progam seeks to honor people of different faiths and on different spiritual paths. We will gather together as human beings celebrating the divine within ourselves and one another as we explore spirituality from the ancient mysteries to the ascension process. Combining all spiritual paths, we will celebrate our similarities and our differences, honoring the perfection of God/Goddess in all of us.

You will be well served by this program if you are seeking support for your personal healing journey – be that physical, emotional and/or spiritual. If you are feeling sad, depressed, and/or disconnected on some level by the state of our families, communities, world, or planet and if you seek to connect with others for some greater purpose, like world peace or the healing the planet, this will be a great opportunity to participate in the evolution of the collective consciousness of humanity. If you are grieving the loss of someone or something and seek to connect with the Divine on a deeper level for understanding and acceptance that loving and supportive consciousness will help you to heal.

As a participant in the program, you are invited to blog about your experiences by commenting on the program modules here, at Oshun Spirit Living Light. By sharing our spiritual journeys, we support, embrace and inspire each other. We'll heal, we'll grow. We'll laugh, we'll cry. We'll cultivate magic, harmony and bliss while anchoring the Light, we'll raise our voices and our spirits to the higher realms and anchor Heaven on Earth.

Each lesson module of this course will be delivered to your email inbox in time for our group prayer and healing each month on the new moon at 9 pm USA Eastern Time. Like the Infinite Goddess and Lightworker Group programs, you may choose to schedule a private healing with me around the program content at a reduced rate. Information about private healings will be included in each module as each offering will be unique.

You may purchase the March 2009 Holistic Prayer Program Module at the Bonanzle storefront or on our website, Oshun Spirit Earth Friendly Goods. Please email me at suberry@myfairpoint.net if you have any questions or would like to purchase the 12 month program ( $300 thru February 2010) which includes a complimentary Dolphin Healing Group Session from the Andros Leylines next February.

I hope that you will join me in anchoring oneness consciousness and the creation of Harmony, Justice, and Peace on Earth. With love and gratitude, we will send out these joyful vibrations to the beloved Earth Mother and all our brothers and sisters of service, in the Oneness of Awakening.

Namaste, Susan

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