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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11/11 Repeating Elevens: Opening to the opportunity

Master number 11 is symbolic of your intuition, instinct, and faith in yourself. It is known as the psychics' number, it's the most intuitive of all numbers and it represents illumination and deep insight. It also represents inner processes, those which help us find meaning, fulfillment and happiness. Eleven represents a bigger goal for our life beyond ourselves. In numerology 11 acts as a channel for information between the higher and the lower, much like the heart.

Therefore, its repetition today speaks to relationships, to compassion, and to the wisdom of the heart in a big way. Repeating 11s ask us to put the power of our heart's knowing, of our intuition to good use: to a bigger goal for our life beyond ourselves.

It's another signal that the time has really come to tap in to this inner part of ourselves to learn the information we need to make well-informed decisions in whatever situations we're facing now, and will be in the future. Its about preparing a relationship with our future that is focused on the deeper meaning of our lives.

This is time for an evaluation regarding all of our relationships. But I use the word relationship here referring to everything that you are associated with —your business (and way of doing business), your possessions, your home, the world itself, the change that is occurring within the world, the nation in which you live, the planet that you're on, and many other things as well. They all represent relationship.

It's time to take stock of your involvement in the world, what brings you joy, what stresses you out, for it gives you a very clear pathway to follow in discerning what is valuable and what is not, what is helpful and what is a hindrance, what will be needed in the future and what will hold you back. Your relationships are not just with people but with places, with things, with habits, with events, and with the whole world itself.

What works in relationships in one arena will translate into other areas as well. If you have a harmful relationship with your work, for example, it will generate many of the same difficulties and impedance in your life as a difficult relationship with a person. If you have a difficult relationship with your beliefs, they will hold you back. They will limit your possibilities.

We all have a relationship with the future. We are sent into the world to serve the world as it undergoes the beginning period of great change. That relationship must be centered in compassion.

"Ultimately, the reason why love and compassion bring the greatest happiness is simply that our nature cherishes them above all else. The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence. It results from the profound interdependence we all share with one another. However capable and skillful an individual may be, left alone, he or she will not survive. However vigorous and independent one may feel during the most prosperous periods of life, when one is sick or very young or very old, one must depend on the support of others.
Inter-dependence, of course, is a fundamental law of nature. Not only higher forms of life but also many of the smallest insects are social beings who, without any religion, law or education, survive by mutual cooperation based on an innate recognition of their interconnectedness. The most subtle level of material phenomena is also governed by interdependence. All phenomena from the planet we inhabit to the oceans, clouds, forests and flowers that surround us, arise in dependence upon subtle patterns of energy. Without their proper interaction, they dissolve and decay."
-His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

The condition of your life, then, as a whole represents the condition of all these relationships. You are either gaining strength or losing strength to every one of these relationships. Certainly, some are more important and potent than others, but they all have a bearing on your life.

So today, let the repeating elevens be a reminder to evaluate what you are giving your life to, and become aware of the consequences. Think for a moment in terms of everything being a relationship. You have a relationship with people, places, things, events, the past, the future, world events. You even have a relationship with the Universe, it's energy, and the creative potential and power it will gift you - when you get aligned with your heart.

May you discover what this really means to you, and how important it will be for our future.
May you be blessed!

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