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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

That was then, this is now! Understanding multidimensional and chronological healing

Sometimes, in a deep healing, there is a slip in dimensions or the sense of overlapping of lifetimes. On the continuum of lifetimes that we have experienced so far, the one we are in is pivotal for many of us, because although we still experience time, if we expand our consciousness just a tiny bit, many of us are now able to "see" physical lifetimes that are happening simultaneously. And, I believe that most of us will be able to experience multiple realities very soon, and pick and choose experiences from the vantage point of the choosing for greater good.

OK, stay with me here. Everything is connected and interconnected. In this lifetime we are awakening to being able to tap into this greater awareness of beyond time and space in a collective consciousness that is allowing us to become aware of other dimensions of our own beingness. This extaordinary ablity will become more apparent in the next few years. But many who have been on the spiritual path are beginning to accept this as "normal."

Many of my students have discovered their own memories of the last Great Shift about 13,000 years ago in meditation, through healing, and in dreaming. These memories often include a profound upheaval and loss of life on Earth near the time of the shift. Electro-magnetic changes within the Earth were accompanied by physical Earth changes, including the physical re-location of the North and South Poles. Within this same emotional memory is the destruction of the continent we know as Atlantis, the loss of life by most of the inhabitants of that continent, and the survivors fleeing to other lands and seeding new civilizations around the world. Our errors have played them selves out in countless incarnations since, seeking balance, restitution, and healing.

So why the slip in dimensions? Because when we address and heal fear (or any emotion) that is within our current incarnation that same emotion receives a healing within its own time frame. It is similar to a chain of dominoes. When you remove one domino from the chain then the movement stops and all the remaining dominoes cease to fall down. When you replace that one domino, the motion that was begun at one end of the chain continues. In this same fashion the changes you make within this lifetime naturally affect all the other lifetimes of your soul. It is very difficult to  consciously heal energies from other lifetimes within this lifetime. You need only heal those issues that your soul is presenting to you now to address... and these are often unresolved and un-integrated experiences from past lives.

In my experience, I have found that most of these wounds express themselves as distortions in the lower three chakras of the body. The wounds in the first and second chakras are particularly evident as we move into 2011 and  prepare for the year  2012. These chakras imprint basic instincts of survival and the associated fear of not existing tomorrow.

The primary issue facing us today is actually based in the first chakra. Survival. Humanity faces great danger as it begins to acknowledge a world in decline—a world whose environments have been degraded, a world whose climate has been affected, a world whose life-sustaining resources are being depleted and ruined by ignorance and greed. Will our human race survive or destroy itself in the years to come? Will we make the transition into an  awareness that honors the strength of our shared collective consciousness, or will we perish trying to escape the cycle of change by creating more and better artificial structures that will ultimately collapse upon us? Yes, scary stuff.

And, as long as what is done is good for one person (or one group)  but is not useful for others, we are scrambling upon the shoulders of another human as we try to escape to save ourselves. In this scenario, many of us will make the transition into the Aquarian Age without our physical bodies. And it is this that we are most fearful of repeating, that selfishness and seperateness we call "survival of the fittest" which has happened in earlier shifts and has simply created more karma and more work for the soul upon reincarnating back into the physical (or near physical) dimensions. 

So now, we have entered the energetic pattern of another Great Shift remembering the fear and chaos that accompanied the last Great Shift in our shared collective consciousness. Our human instinct is to somehow control the Earth so that she will not upend us as before.

But that was then, and I intuit that this Great Shift will be very different. Although our bodies and our collective consciousness are experiencing the same vibrations of change as 13,000 years ago, this Great Shift is also a shift back into a stronger connection to Spirit

The previous Great Shift was a movement away from the collective voice of Spirit into a time of exploring our free will.  And because we are aware of much of our own history in the past 13,000 years, we will be able to bring that knowledge forward with us into this shift. Bringing our knowledge with us as living human beings into the vibration of the Aquarian Age will allow us to recall our experiences and lessons learned while in this state of seperateness to be shared with all conscious beings in all dimensions. Thus we will emerge as teachers, as avatars, in the New Earth. We will be conscious contributers to the community of intelligent life in the Universe.

Many of my students, in fact many people on Earth,  are experiencing both a remembrance of the fear they experienced during the last Great Shift as well as an anticipation of the blessings that will come with our awakening to the gifts of Spirit. These two great currents of emotion are moving through our personal lives as well as our human society. So yes,  fear is  reawakening within our lower chakras. But so are compassion, inner knowing, and a profound connection to all Creation reawakening as well.

My suggestion for dealing with the reawakening of these fear patterns  has always been this:
Begin by acknowledging your fear and do not dismiss it. Turn and face it. Ask the fear if it is yours. Is it all yours?  Where do you feel it in your body? What is it's energetic signature? What is the first word of phrase the pops into your mind? Is it in current time? Is the time period that it believes to be its own time period this present moment? Allow it to move to wherever in "the time line" it belongs.

You see, a pattern of thoughts or emotions cannot be changed when it is out of sync with its surroundings. A pattern can only change when it is in its own "now" and connected to whatever or whomever it is meant to be working with and connected to. That is the basis of chronological healing.

Too often we sense patterns of deep emotion that were part of our soul's previous lifetimes, and we believe that we can fix, change or heal them by taking them into this life and replaying them with our minds. We re-imagine and recreate experiences to learn from them, and heal them. But we cannot heal them by projecting them onto someone else, in the present time. That just leads us to more frustration, indignation, and anger.

This is the great temptation of humanity: for people to exercise their grievances against one another, to exercise their ancient animosities, to compete and enter into conflict with others. The energies of the emotions we experience in each lifetime can only be changed within the context of that particular lifetime. We must therefore release the emotional energies to return to their own time period. This is the function of the heart, not the mind. We can't think the solutions into being. This is the great parodox of our coming of age in the information age, in the midst of all of our technology.

Yes, we can change our minds, and change the way we think about things, but we also must release the emotions associated with our outdated beliefs. And our minds are simply not equipped for this task. This is the task of the fully illuminated, or etheric, heart.

As we move into and through the present shift we need not re-experience all of the fear and grief from the last great Sshift. We need only address the fear that is naturally arising for us as humans in this time period. What portion of fear is really yours in this lifetime? What  belongs to your body and your soul? Allow those that are not in tune with your body or your soul in this present moment to go to their own time frame or lifetime. In order for them to evolve, grow and heal, they must be in place to receive the changes that are coming their way. Heal what is yours to heal now.

I look forward to opening my heart as a channel for spiritual guidance and healing in your life.
May you be blessed!

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