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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


"I'm stuck."

Well, maybe you are. But maybe you are just gathering up energy for your big push forward and the ultimate expression of your beautiful self! If you use the metaphor of a butterfly cocooning, and seemingly "doing nothing" from the outside, we know there is tremendous inner work going on prior to the outward, visible, new and amazing creature. So, what if instead of feeling like you are being trapped in a life full of excuses, blocks and frustration, you feel excited that you’re actually in the process of gathering up the drive and commitment to create a life that you can really love...

Quite a shift!

Each of us is born with tremendous potential, but it becomes buried beneath self-defeating beliefs and behaviors rooted in childhood and/or trauma from past lives, and as we keep perpetuating the doubt and fear in our adult lives, we begin to believe we have exhausted all our potential, and we settle for less than we can be, sadly.

But, I think we're ALWAYS working from the inside out, whether we are conscious of it or not. I believe that we are constantly transforming our experiences into inspiration and ablilities which we can later harness to live the life in which our innate potentiality is liberated, and become free to realize our greatest dreams.

So, if you feel stuck, give yourself a break. Something in you is moving forward, I promise. Ideas are beginning to crystalize, your energy is building, your spirit is waking up. If you have dreams you want to achieve but feel immobilized to pursue them, then become aware of the self-defeating patterns that keep you stuck and thank them. And have a little patience.

Yes, I said thank them. Offer up some gratitude to the old patterns, because they got you here, to this moment. By design, your life has set up the very conditions that make you ripe for transformation.

If you’re physically exhausted, in a depleting job, or not taking good care of yourself, that's going to diminish some of the energy you need to move forward.  So, please think about how you’re treating your body and spirit and figure out what you need to do differently to generate the energy needed actually move in the world, in your body, to create the life you want. Make healthy choices about what you eat and drink, about exercise and sleep, about all the energy you take in to your system including chi from your environment, the people that surround you,  your relationships and associations, as well as that which is self generated and ultimately cycled through your subtle bodies.

Maybe you're telling yourself you’re not good enough, and maybe that's an old pattern that you've fallen into and you've even attracted people and situations into your life to reinforce those ideas. Say thank you to all those people and events, and the commitments they entail and move on. Just do it and don't apologize. If you’re defeating your purposes by participating in dramas that erode your self-esteem that will certainly challenge your vision of an enjoyable, inspiring, and fulfilling life of abundance and joy. If you continually participate in relationships that make you feel bad or judgmental about yourself, then make a conscious decision not to stay in those kinds of relationships and leave. Surround yourself with people, places, and ideas which reinforce your positive self image and champion your transformation. You deserve nothing less.

By choosing not to participate in unhealthy relationships, dialogues, and dramas (of all kinds), you’ll not only change the quality of your life, but you’ll also free up the energy consumed by conflict to create and live the life you want to have. And, you'll be free to fly!

May you be blessed!

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