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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Goddess Speaks, May I be Blessed

I'm not easily shaken, it takes a lot to knock me off my center. And its usually the malicious (and not the miraculous) that does it. But 1/1/11 blindsided me.

I was doing a Merkabah (lightbody) activation for a student in Dubai (yes, you know who you are!) when I slipped dimensions to find not only myself and my client, a but a fairly large soul group, in past, alternative present, and future experiences all centered around a profound healing regarding our vocation as seers. It was so intense, and so profound, that I can say with absolute certainty, "I am forever changed."

I came to see that in the wake of the teachings currently called "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction"  there are many people who (residualy) believe that everything that happens to them is the result of their own creativity, however misguided. But what they fail to see is that everyone else has created their reality too, and that the impact of that energy in the mental environment over time—the environment of thought and influence—is so much immensely greater by what everyone else is creating than what you individually can create, that to think that you can produce all these results for yourself simply by directing the will and the power of the mind is to ignore the will and the power of all other minds, many of which are still self serving and manipulative... and the key ingredient of manifestation from self realization.

This mass-produced assumption that our minds alone create certainly reinforces and is based on the belief in separation. (I wonder how, and who, advanced it in its current incarnation.) It does not take into account the effect that minds have on one another. It does not recognize the impact and the influence, and the energy of the mental environment. Though it may proclaim that everyone has the potential to recreate their experience, it does not take into account the fact that the mental environment is completely dominating for most people, to the point where very few people even have any original thoughts. We are simply recycling all the influence that we are absorbing and have been absorbing since the day we were born. And because human beings are essentially social creatures, we will always tend to associate with whatever group we identify with, whatever group we think is giving us promise, purpose, meaning and security.

The freedom of the mind then is really not possible within the mental environment. It is but a little light surrounded by millions of other lights. There is a forgotten component to "The Secret Teachings." And that is that the only way out of this predicament is for the mind to follow the illuminated heart, the mind of God deep within your inner knowing which the mindis intended to serve, because this heart is not influenced by the mental environment. It is the only part of you that is beyond influence or manipulation from any source. It is indeed this awakened heart, your Divine Essence that will create a new life for you, create a new reality and a new experience for you. Only it has the power to do this because it is unaffected by the mental environment in which you live.

You can’t make your Divine Essence want what you think you want. You can’t make Divine Essence give you what you think you must have. This awakened heart is more powerful than your mind. It knows why it is here. It is here on a mission because you are here on a mission. Unaware of this mission, you will keep trying to satisfy the deeper needs of your soul by acquiring people, possessions and experiences. And you will be in constant fear that you could lose all of these things, which are threatened by so many different things. It is a hopeless attempt at fulfillment.

I’m dedicating 2011 to healing and to teaching this simple truth through experiential practice. Yesterday, I saw the probable future of the past ignored. If humanity continues using "the motivations" that have gained us this position, these "advantages" and these calamities, well, the future of humanity is predictable and grave. And I have hope, I always have. So the Goddess spoke. And she did not whisper. She shook me awake... again.

In 2009, I was gifted the opportunity to witness an experiment in social ecommerce. I was a participant in the limited sense that I played the role of the new breed of savy e-merchant, and yet I identified mostly as an observer from the  higher perch of the spirit. I knew it was a lesson from the get go, so I studied it carefully. And I realized the metaphor in the play, holographically, that every calamity everywhere, in every time, began as someone’s good idea for themselves (and maybe others), and that every social system that has led to revolution, conflict, war and deprivation began in essence as a desire to improve someone's (self's/organizations/humanity’s) condition and to address injustices and inequities.

And consider this: Because the veils are thinning on this plane, and multidimesional knowing is becoming the norm, any business or social agenda that you propose, any political agenda that you espouse and that you further, will be opposed by some percentage of the population that sees your own agenda clearly, no matter how cleverly hidden. Even if you think you have the perfect solution, the great idea, the best arrangement with the least collateral damage, what are you going to do with all of those people who oppose you? What are you going to do with these people? Override them? Censore them? Subjugate them? Destroy them?

This is the inherent danger in people inventing schemes without the power and the presence of the awakened heart. This is the mind desperately trying to control life as the systems collapse in decline. This is the mind playing God in the world, positioning itself as the problem solved, the next big thing. You have only to look at those results in your personal, business and national relationships to see that in the end a few people are richly supplied, and everyone else is left in deprivation. And overall, our very humanity is being deprived; it is being degraded, for we are now living in a world of decline, new ideas and all.

The mind is creative. It creates fantasies; it creates nightmares; it creates scenarios; it creates explanations for the past; it creates new ideas for the future. Your mind was created to be creative. It is creative. But this creative power of the mind is meant to serve something greater than itself. Without its position of being in service to a greater good, the mind is self-fulfilling. It is self-serving. It is consuming. And it will struggle, and it will fight. It will blame, and it will condemn when it is deprived of its goals.

Today many people want both change and peace, and they do not see the contradiction in this. Change is not peaceful. It is difficult, challenging and upsetting if it is real change. And yet people want change and peace. They  who dispense the new ideas expect others who do not have what they have to be peaceful, to be peaceful and cooperative with one another... and follow without question.

Question everything you have been told tothink. I know that humanity must unite and cooperate for the preservation of the world, to prevent ever increasing war, degradation and decline in the future. There will be more people wanting fewer resources. Yes, humanity needs to improve its condition, and that is why this spark has been placed within each person by design. For only your awakened heart within you knows what will really work for you and how your efforts and your actions can lead to a beneficial outcome in the world. Ask your heart. Question your mind.

Certainly, reorienting the mind to create things of value and meaning is very important, and many people are becoming aware of this. They realize that they determine their experience to a great degree by how they evaluate what they see around them: how they associate themselves and how they disassociate themselves. They see the power and the potential of the mind in this regard.

However, what many people do not see is that the mind is meant to serve the greater power of the illuminated heart. If you are unaware of your spirit, this great power, the mind will be reckless, it will be self-serving, it will be judgmental. It will be a harsh and oppressive ruler in your life and potentially in the lives of others.

If the mind serves itself, it will be fundamentally competitive and destructive. It will always want more of what it thinks it wants and needs. Beyond meeting certain basic survival requirements, it will always want more. The more you want for yourself, the more you draw from the limited resources of the world, the more you deprive other people of their basic needs for survival.

So I will tell you all, that you cannot come up with a new idea, a new scheme or a new plan to resolve this fundamental problem without being heart-centered in your dealings. The Earth plane will no longer tolerate the low energetic signature of mind games. Only the awakened heart knows how to provide advancement, security and fulfillment for us. And only the awakened heart knows how to do this in such a way that it does not deprive others. And then and only then, your pursuit of safety, security and fulfillment will become beneficial for others because it is guided by the illuminated heart, your Divine Essence.

Your intellect, as creative as it is, cannot figure this out. It does not have this depth of wisdom. It is not connected to life sufficiently. It does not have the clarity and the comprehension to do this. That is because the mind is a vehicle of expression. Its source is the spirit, and the source of the spirit is the Creator of all life. Whether you are a religious person or not, whether you practice within a faith tradition or not, this is the fundamental reality of your life.

If you are unaware of the possibility of living from a fully illuminated heart, you will be constantly striving to get what you want and avoid what you don’t want, and you will be in constant judgment and frustration over the behavior and the thoughts of others and the condition of the world. And the end result is you will be nothing more than a consumer, and you will be adding nothing more to the world than more judgment and condemnation, adding to the fuel of conflict that is already raging here.

My prayer for 2011 is that I be used in the service of bringing the heart to the center of all matters... in business, in relationships, in the restoration of our Earth Mother and her children.

May I be blessed.

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