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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Projecting Judgement: The Mind, The Ego, The Spirit, and The Light

In meditation this morning I kept seeing a ‘projector’ in my mind. I assumed it was being given to me as a symbolic message as part of a reading I was preparing for. I do see a beam of light as a metaphor often, but my attention was focused on the wheels and gadgetry of the thing. So I decided to explore the prompt to investigate what I was really looking at... the machine.

The machine... with the ability of streaming internal images (or ideas) out and onto something (or someone) else... and I started to think about people as living, breathing projectors.

Everyone one of us is a being of light with the ability to shine that light out as an emanation of who and what we are...

But machines are cold, programmed and tooled...

And I "heard" the word judgement. Now, I've been aware of myself watching ideas of justice and judgement playing themselves out in the world and national news, in pop-culture and media, and recently spilling into the mini-dramas of day to day interactions. I've been aware of callous comments, negative attacks, calls for condemnation and the consequences of jumping to judgements. It's a word that has been rattling around in my consciousness...

Oh... Projecting Judgement! Judgment is a big idea with an immense base of power because judgments have the ability to alter realities, and very quickly. That makes them attractive! Judgements send strong currents of energy which affect individuals, communities, and indeed even nations. But judgements are subjective, and they are an illusion. They are projections of the mind, and not the spirit. And they do not really serve as surrogates for the justice we might desire, but rather, judgements act as jailers of the emotions and vulnerabilities within ourselves which keep us in the chains of denial, fear, and separation from each other.

And certainly, judgements keep us out of the light.

A person being judged will certainly react in some way. Depending on the awareness of the individual it might be with reflection... judgement may spark compassion and a blessing from the heart. But often judgement produces a physical, verbal, and/or emotionally charged reaction fitered through the mind or ego... and the need to defend or deny, or blame, or apologize, or retaliate... or meditate.

The judgment will also impact the speaker. If they become conscious of what they are really saying, their awareness will allow for growth and positive change within themselves. However, if they cannot become conscious, the behavior and/or person they are judging will become increasingly aggravating and intolerable to them. Of course the more ‘heat’ there is in the judgement, the more spirit is calling for inner reflection. And please don't judge THAT as a bad thing!

When I catch myself proclaiming a judgement, I ask myself:

• How powerful is this person over me that she/he generates such a fearful response in me?
• Why have I given away my own power in this situation?
• What frame of mind am I coming from?
• What is the self-talk that speaks within me?

Back to the projector. Remember, it is a machine that reflects outwardly the "image" that has been placed inside of it, just as we project outwardly the image we hold of ourselves within. Now take that one step further:

• What is that image?
• Who placed it there?
• What is my true essence?
• Am I projecting that?

We usually project outwardly what we are thinking/feeling about ourselves. And we are usually projecting fear about our own perceived shortcomings when we project a judgement, and that is merely a mechanism of the ego machine. The conditioned mind, not the light that we are.

Truthfully we can only see in another what we can find in ourselves.
For some people, this concept will be intriguing and allow an openness to test and investigate!  It will begin a path toward inner knowing, self reflection, healing, and growth. Why? Because you will begin to discover your patterns of behavior. Only in consciously knowing about something can you consciously change it.

For others this concept will be upsetting. It might be more comfortable to go into denial about some of the judgments you have. So then, just become aware of the judgments that others have. Are they judging behaviors and manners that they have enacted themselves? Just be an observer for now…

It is natural and prevalent in human nature to comment on what is outside of us. However, it is of our spiritual nature to remain within ourselves, within our own individual experiences where our individual lessons and opportunities for growth await our discovery. When we step into someone else’s world, and judge their experiences…we are in essence giving away our own power to something that can not serve us and will, in the end, only weaken our experience.

Every time I find myself involved with the happenings of another, their reactions, conflicts, and drama… I try to become instantly aware of the amount of my own energy that is getting usurped. I realize that I am using energy that could be better spent directed to my own needs, wants, desires, dreams, and manifestations. I measure very carefully what I'm willing to give away.

We can all work on our projections! Take a breath, and realize in that moment that you were about to take time away from yourself and give up an opportunity for self-awareness. Take that time back to tinker with the gadgetry of your projector, and in that moment, bring the fragments of your light back into focus so that you can fully see the picture of beauty within yourself. Bring your true essence back into focus. Then go ahead and project that love!

May you be blessed!

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